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10 Fun Tips for Planning A Unique Baby Shower (#TinyPrints)

I love planning baby showers, so I am kinda in a bind here. My mom and sister are planning mine for this coming November, but I just can’t keep my hands off! They don’t want me to do anything, but I can’t help it. Do you have a shower to plan? Need ideas? Forget about the traditional games and themes, mix things up a bit! Here are a few of unique baby shower ideas to get you going:

Theme and Decor: Boy or Girl? Who cares! Get really creative and use different color schemes and themes to decorate the room for the mama to be. Maybe a spa themed party? A beach theme? A Fiesta? Or something adventurous, like some kind of sexy, in the wild zebra-ish type of stuff… (or maybe that’s just my crazy family and friends)! I am thinking of having my mom and sis do something wild and crazy for me!

Check out these cute DIY baby shower centerpiece ideas and homemade baby shower favors: Mini Baby Diaper Rolls and Spa Washcloth Cupcakes. Both are practical and affordable!

Invitations: Forget the Evite, send out some cute invites that make a statement! Tiny Prints has some great ones, or if you are up to it, you can create your own to match your baby shower’s theme. Retro, anyone?

Location: Take the shower out of your grandma’s living room and choose another location! A local park, rec center room, or the mom-to-be’s favorite restaurant or cafe might be nice.

Gifts: Everyone brings pink for a girl, blue for a boy, and onesies galore. Bring something practical and cute that mom/baby can really use. My preference: a diaper cake! Check out the handmade diaper cake I did for a friend last year.

Food: Save on having to feed a huge army by serving light snacks and refreshments that go with the theme of your shower. Time the shower to be after lunch and before dinner, that way, most people have already eaten. My favs: fruit kabobs, bruschetta bites and cheese and crackers.

Games: The traditional baby shower games are ok, but try to do something a little different to spice things up. Maybe a baby related scattergories game? A humorous round of Pictionary (poopy diaper, labor pains)? Creatively decorate a onesie?

Prizes and Favors: Relate your prizes to the type of guests you have. For a co-ed baby shower, try using neutral colors and stuff that both men and women can apperciate. An edible gift basket? Maybe some cookies or candies? A martini shaker set? For favors, instead of the little bags of candy that you would usually give, try some gift cards for popular local eateries or stores that people love (ahem, Cold Stone?).

Photos: Put a bunch of disposable cameras out on the tables and let your guests have at it! It’ll be fun to see what silly pictures were taken and make a keepsake photo album with them!
Guest Book: Similar to a wedding guest book, have guests sign their names and addresses upon arrival. As mom opens the gifts, the host of the shower can write the gifts given next to each persons name in the book. This will give the expecting couple a cute little keepsake as well as making thank you cards 10 times easier to take care of!

Search: Utilize the internet to search for new ideas, themes and games you have never heard of. You can find so much!

Regardless of what you decide, you can get some great baby shower invitations to match any theme from Tiny Prints. They have a really cute selection, check them out! Enjoy!

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