Work at Home: Amazon Mechanical Turks

Have you heard of the Amazon Mechanical Turk program? We all know of Amazon as a place to shop and spend money, but who knew that you could actually make some money? Amazon’s work at home opportunity is being used by tons of people, and you can get in on it.

The Amazon Mechanical Turk program is completely legit. It is free to join and super flexible. You are basically working as an independent contractor for a multitude of companies, and you select which jobs you would like to complete, no questions asked. Most of these jobs can not be automated or completed by a machine and need an actual human, that’s where we come in! Many companies and individuals are utilizing this service rather than hiring on staff as a more affordable means to get information.

You, in essence, would be a “Mechanical Turk”, where you would browse through the thousands of available “HITS” [tasks] on the job board. Accept the ones you are interested in and perform the required duties. Be sure to complete your HIT thoroughly and within the time limit [be careful, failing to do so can result in HIT rejection and non-payment]. Once accepted, the respective company would pay you whatever the amount is for that particular task. Some examples of hits, I found these today, 10/14:

  • Secret Shop a Website, $1.00
  • Rewrite a 450 word sales and marketing article, $1.00
  • Post on a message board, $1.00
  • Moms Only: Ask and answer simple questions on a “mom advice” site via facebook, $3.00
  • Cancer Survivors, Fighters, and Caregivers; Write about a Cancer experience, $1.55


So, how much can you actually make? It depends on your determination and how many work HITs you complete. The payments are relatively low. It’s anywhere from $.05 on up per HIT, but there are so many available hits that if you complete 20-30 per day, it could add up. Many of these HITs only take a couple of minutes to do. This is a great supplemental income source for me, I have been accepting and working on HITs with Amazon for about a year now. Hey, if I can make an additional $10 daily, im all for it!

Learn more about the Amazon mechanical Turks program HERE.

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