Eating Healthy Through the Holidays

We’re all going to be celebrating the holidays with family, friends and FOOD! It is easy to over eat and gain a few pounds, we’ve been working so hard to keep it together! Why not enjoy that delicious food? I say ’tis the season! Robin of My Baby Clothes Boutique helps us keep it together with a few tips for healthy holiday eating…

When we think of the holiday season and food we dread all the festivities. We work so hard all year to eat healthy and either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Over the next couple of weeks we will attend parties and dinners overflowing with delicious foods we love. You finally fit into that little black dress that has been hiding in the closet for months, so, can you enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty? Yes you can! Here are a few tips that have worked for me.

  1. Enjoy the holiday foods you love. Portion size is key when you are putting food on your plate.
  2. Have a dessert. You will be miserable watching everyone else indulge in their favorite sweet, so have a slice of cake or a piece of homemade fudge and stop there. We tend to get in trouble when we have several pieces.
  3. Exercise. A brisk walk is enough to work off the few extra calories you may be taking in. If you are spending time with family grab someone to walk with you.
  4. Eat your veggies and fruits. Anytime you need a snack reach for carrots or an apple.
  5. Resist the late night snacks.
  6. Drink water. Instead of a constant stream of soda, sweet tea, juice or alcoholic beverages have a water.
  7. If you do gain a pound or two, do not beat yourself up.

Making sensible eating choices during the holidays is very important and your body will love you for it!

By Robin Greene of Dress your little ones for the special holiday festivities in the best baby clothes, most beautiful tutus or handsome baby hat.

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