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Excuse Me? You Said WHAT?!

MJ is approaching 5 years old. He is in preschool, watches a little bit of TV, and has been around the block a bit. I know that he has heard cussing and various curse words, I get it. They are pretty much inevitable, so my husband and I try to teach him about the proper and improper language to use, regardless of what he hears other saying.

With that being said, I was still extremely surprised to hear what came out of his mouth the other day. He was playing a game on my iPad and it froze up on him for a minute while it was updating a few apps. His impatient response as he taps the screen…

“What the hell?!”

I was cooking in the kitchen at the time and I nearly dropped the spatula. “Uhmm excuse me? What did you just say?” He freezes up for a bit, just like the dang iPad screen. “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!” He admitted to his mistake and apologized. But really, what the hell?? [I do not say this in front of him, promise]

He has heard this word before and knows that it is not an appropriate term to use. I think I was just shocked at the fact that he used it in a sentence so nonchalantly. Like this was every day vocabulary for him. It’s totally NOT. I suppose it’s not the worst word in the world in comparison to what he could have, and I am sure, will eventually, say. I asked him where he got it from and he says he doesn’t know. I am SO not interested in raising potty mouth kids, so I definitely set him straight.

 Have your kids belted out any curse words? Where do you think they learned them?

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