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10 Awesome Holiday and Christmas Party Food Ideas and Recipes


Are you looking for some great Christmas and holiday food ideas and recipes? You’ve come to the right place!

If you are enjoying the holiday festivities at your place and need a few Christmas party food ideas, here’s a round up of some of the cutest Christmas appetizers and desserts! Most of these holiday party food recipes are very easy. I might end up making some of these to go with Christmas dinner.


Gingerbread house kitUnfortunately, we will not be having a Christmas party at our house this year, bah-humbug! I just do not have the time to plan it all out. I was SO looking forward to inviting over family and friends and catching up, spending time, drinking, and having a little game night.




Building a gingerbread house is always a fun activity! Make it together, and EAT IT! I think this is what we’ll do, along with trying out the strawberry Santa hat brownies below!


10 Awesome Christmas Party Food Ideas and Recipes to Try



1. Santa Sugar Cookies – Created by Diamonds for Dessert, these Santa Claus cookies are sure to be a hit, especially with the kids!

2. Christmas Tree Cupcakes – BHG uses a sugar cone on top of each cupcake to create the Christmas tree!

3. Strawberry Santa Hat Brownies – Mini brownies topped with butter cream frosting and strawberries make the perfect festive treat!

4. Santa Claus Crackers – You can always count on the Martha Stewart team to give up some good ideas. This one happens to involve crackers, pepperoni, ricotta cheese and celery. Yum.

5. Pull Apart Veggie Wreath – A very cute and healthy selection for the table! Use as a finger food appetizer or serve for dinner. Either way, the wreath is too cute!

6. Santa Hat Pretzels – This sweet and salty recipe uses only 4 ingredients and turns out adorable! This is the perfect Christmas treat for kids, I may make these for MJ’s classroom holiday party.

7. Edible Christmas Fruit Tree – Ginger and Garlic made an adorable Christmas tree made of fruit! Scroll halfway down the page to see the directions.

8. Root “Deer” – How cute would it be to serve these little drinkable reindeer!

9. Avocado Christmas Tree Salad – This “Feliz Navidad” avocado salad is shaped into a tree and will delight the masses. Has a fruity twist with a chili vinaigrette.

10. Snowman Cheese Ball – I love this cream cheese ball made with mustard, basil, pesto, and a bunch of other flavors! Super cute holiday party appetizer.


BONUS: I made this Cheese, Cracker and Sausage Christmas Tree last year and it was a big hit with our guests!

Taste of Home Christmas Book

For more holiday recipes, check out this Taste of Home Christmas recipe book. There are 465 amazing appetizer, entree, side dishes, bread, cookies, brunch, cakes, pies, beverages and more recipes that will make your holiday a merry one!





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