Lies I Tell My Kids

Don’t lie. I’m sure you have not always been 100% truthful to your kids. Whether it’s a little white lie or a full blown fib, you are definitely not the only mom who has done it.

It’s not like we want to be liars, or teach our kids to lie to get by. Honestly, I lie to protect their innocence. To scare them straight. Even to keep my own personal sanity! Here are a few recent examples of lies my husband and I have told…


“The cookies are all gone.”


Yes, I tell this one to my 2 year old every time she begs for more. Sorry, it’s much easier than NO. Avoiding 2 year old tantrums is a thing for me nowadays.


“You’re almost 5. If you keep sucking your thumb, it will fall off!”


I told my son this last year. It spooked him, I haven’t seen him suck it in quite a while.


“That is the most beautiful painting I have ever seen!”


My daughter had a field day on a huge canvas I taped together for her. It was a complete mess, but why not tell her it was awesome? Self esteem, people!


“Stick your tooth under the pillow and you’ll get a visit from the Tooth Fairy!”


Most of us are guilty of this one. Some kids are scared to loose their teeth. It’s a cute little tale, dontcha think?


“Sorry guys, Chuck E Cheese is closed today.”


I simply did not have the time or energy to take them. I was coming off of flu like symptoms and my whole life was drained. Next time, kids.


I’m all about the preservation of innocence. There are just times that the truth really bites. I do believe that we should teach our kids that “honesty is the best policy”, these little fibs will only last through their younger, less rational years. I am just hoping that I don’t get caught!


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