Healthy Options, Right Price at Wendy’s + Claim Your Way To Fame!

You know those nights where you’ve just completely run out of time? I do, all too well.

Between work, school, and the kids’ extra curricular activities, we stay busy. Baseball practices, swim classes, blog events, they all happen. Suddenly, I realize it’s near bedtime and I haven’t fed the kids. Crap.

I hate spending a heap of money to feed my kids terrible food, pizza and other processed goodies are a treat around here. I appreciate that Wendy’s has affordable, an nutritious options on their new Right Price, Right Size menu. See, they are going in the direction of more healthy choices on their menu, so grabbing a grilled chicken go wrap and a garden salad isn’t such a bad idea when you’re pressed for time. Sure, they still have the burgers and fries on their menu at great prices, your choice.


Have fun with your food!

Visit to name your favorite tasty trio from the Right Size, Right Price menu. Play around with your food and you’ll get a chance at fame with Wendy’s!

Right now, fans have a chance at their 15 minutes of fame with the all new new Right Price Right Size Menu made up of 18 favorite items, all of which have been nicknamed for consumer enjoyment (with names such as “Aah,” “Cheesy,” and “Bang”). When you pick your “tasty trio” or three favorite nicknames, you have the opportunity to become a virtual spokesperson for the “Claim Your Taste” game where your Facebook profile photo will show up online, in place of the Wendy’s face, and will be visible to all of your Facebook friends on Wendy’s Facebook page and on


I decided to get in on the value meal frenzy and create my own custom trio, the Frosty was so necessary…


Now, for a bit of fun to get you in the mood! I like to dip the fry in the frosty



One would argue that Wendy’s isn’t the best choice… When I am in a bind and need to shove some type of nourishment down my kids’ throats, fast, I can look to their Right Size, Right Price menu. It fits everything I want for my family, price, health and convenience-wise. Wendy’s also carries other healthy choices: apple slices, baked potatoes, and bottle water, to name a few. Stop by to check out the menu and for a chance at fame with Wendy’s!


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Disclosure: I was contacted by the sponsor to share this information with my readers. Compensation was provided, however all opinions are mine.


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    I found myself looking at the adjectives and not the food. Somehow I chose the nuggets…never had the nuggets before. I love the waffle cone ice creame and really want that pretzel bun badly.

    Cute review

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