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5 Simple Summer Home Decor Ideas for Any Space


Summer Home Decor Ideas For Any Space - COLOR


Whether you plan on entertaining or just want to freshen up the decor in your home for the summer, you can do so easily and inexpensively. See, it’s not necessary to buy brand new furniture, paint your whole house, or spend a fortune on household decorative items and accessories. There is a secretly simple way that you can liven up the look of your home that is often overlooked. The secret: COLOR.


Here are 5 simple ways you can decorate your home using a pop of color:


The living room and family room


Colorful floral throw pillows on white couch

photo: Shell Decor


My personal favorite way to change the look of a living room is to add colorful throw pillows. Such an easy fix, especially if you have a neutral colored couch! You can also replace your curtains and window treatments with your favorite fabric hues.  If you have a strong DIY urge in you, repainting an accent wall is a wonderful way to add a pop of color to a living room. In the photo below, a bright yellow wall set the scene for a beach summer mantle theme. Love how it turned out!


Yellow wall beach themed fireplace mantel

photo: Echos of Laughter


In the kitchen


neon yellow contemporary kitchen decor

photo: source unknown


I love how this grayish kitchen comes to life with the addition of neon yellow accents! If neon is not your speed, don’t sweat it. You can still find plenty of cute accent pieces in your favorite color, such as canisters, dish towels, vases, small appliances, flowers, and hanging pots and pans, to spice up your kitchen.


The dining table



photo: Dining Delight


My favorite inexpensive way to spruce up a plain dining room table is to add colorful flowers. I opt for fresh colored sunflowers, but you could alternatively purchase silk flowers that will last all summer long. Also, a bright, colorful table runner and colored napkins would be an amazing compliment.


The bedroom


colorful comforter on bed

photo: decor4all


Adding a new, colorful comforter to the bed will change the look and make the whole room brighter. Or, opt for a colorful floor rug. Also, you can coordinate the bedrooms decor, such as vases and photo frames, by swapping out the ones you have with bright and colorful ones. The most affordable way: purchase cheap wooden frames and spray paint them.


The backyard or on the patio


garden backyard decor inspirations wicker chairs and lanterns

photo: Trendir


Small colorful touches in the backyard or on your patio will do the trick. String a few colorful lanterns, add a few planters with flowers to match, colored candles, and colorful cushions and throw pillows on your furniture and chairs will add a nice pop of color. I love the color and patterned lanterns in the photo above!


We live in a townhouse, so I do not have a large backyard and completely customizable home. These summer home decoration tips are simple, affordable and reversible, perfect for us! But best of all, the addition of COLOR to any household makes a lovely difference!


How are you decorating your home for the summer?


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  • I love all of these ideas. It is interesting how by making a few simple changes you walk into the room the next day and feel like you are in a new place. I noticed a few months ago that we simply moved around a a few things in our kitchen, and afterwards it just felt so nice, but the changes were so simple.

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