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woman mom juggling work kids homeDoes anyone else feel that way?

I sure do. I feel like I am pulled in every direction possible, and then some. I’ve got to worry about two full time jobs, my husband, my kids, the household and everything in between. Oy.

At one point, I was a work at home mom. My blog was new, so I was working at it diligently. I had my first son, so I was learning the ropes of motherhood, supporting my husbands enjoyable, yet time consuming career and taking care of the household like no other! I still had a little bit of time for myself. Just a smidgen. I thought I was busy then.

A couple of years in, I had to work part time, which eventually led to full time, then we had another baby. All of this, in addition to what I was doing before. WTH. If you’d seen my house before, you’d never believe how it looks now. I had so many great moments with my son when he was a baby, into toddler hood. I feel like I am missing them all with my daughter.

I gotta catch a break!


With all of this comes the lack of focus on ME. I’ve been trying to take better care of myself, but priorities are always set on the rest of the family. I even started a self-help Project Me series that encourages moms to remember to take care of themselves. It works for the time being, but I need more of it! Even my lunch breaks at work are filled with errands, doctors appointments, school activities, and more.

The worst part: I don’t get enough quality time with my family members. Most of the day, I am gone. When I get home, I am working, cooking. cleaning, laundering, writing, and killing myself to get stuff done. What about time with the kids? What about alone time with the hubs? Very far, few and in between. Since I am not usually home until 6pm, crappy dinners or quick take out usually happen if I want to spend a little time with the kids before they go to bed. More to do, then sleep for a few hours to do it all over again the next morning.

I’d love more time in the day, just one more hour? Please? I would love to try Zumba. Maybe Yoga. Get caught up on household chores and sleep. Hang out with my husband. But most of all, spend time with my kids.

Geez, I am overworked. But until I get some relief, I am just going to keep on smiling, chin up.


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  • Girlllll i so feel you on this! these twincesses are running me ragged! Some things that help me keep my sanity. 1) let it go…ok so the house isn’t spick and span like it was pre kids…well now there are kids and this is just how it has to be. 2) before nap and before bedtime there is cleanup time…when the kids help pick up all their toys etc 3)organization…let there be a place for everything and everything in its place (like the playroom has baskets with labels so we all know where everythign goes…i try to do this all around the house. 4)Leftovers!…cooking every day ain’t happening…i cook every other day with leftovers in between. 5)Saturday mornings get er done!…pat plays golf every saturday morning and i use that time to do our weekly laundry (i don’t have time during the week to do laundry, yes its alot but its the weekend so its ok and even tho i hate it i must fold and put up at the same time or the clean clothes stay in the laundry basket all week sigh), i also clean up, dust, sweep, mop etc. 6)SAturday afternoon me time! when pat gets home from golf i’m out the door doing me. which may mean , go to the mall, lunch with girlfriends, hair done, nails done..shoot it may mean sit in the car and read a book lol but its whatever i want to do thats not interrupted by anyone! 7)once a week hobby…husbands always find their me time…mine has golf…i realised i had to find a hobby as well. i like to take classes at my local joanns or hobby lobby. i am takign a cake decorating class with my girlfriend. every monday nite for 2 hours after work (6-8). 8) date night. once a month the girls preschool has parents nite out and we take advantage…that way we make sure we know on the second saturday of every month we plan something exciting to do. All this works out to make me a happier, saner person and that leads to a better wife and mum.

    • Thanks for the tips! I agree with you on all of them. I have definitely let the house go, I have the kids clean up their mess before bed time, and leftovers happen! I do my best on Saturday’s, but there is always something: sports, a work event, etc. It’s hard to clean up the house when people are there all day long, every day, making it worse and worse.

      As far as hobbies and date nights, I guess my hubs and I would have to be on the same page to make that happen. I thought about cutting down to only one job, but we’ve got bills to pay! I hope it smooths out in time. Thanks!

  • Life can be such a rat race at times. It seems like we stay rushing from one thing to the other. And in the mist of it all we and our loved ones somehow suffer the most. Hang in there. I hope that things slow down a bit so that you can enjoy some quality you time, spend time with the hubs and the kids.

    • It is such a rat race! I hate that I have to spend the majority of my life working to make it all happen, missing out on precious time with family. Thanks, I hope it slows down, too.

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