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Creative and Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

SO… it’s baby shower season and I have 2 more to attend. I was having issues as to what to buy as a gift. Everyone shops from the registry and still ends up buying the same thing as someone else. I wanted to be different. Sound like you? Well I found a couple of ideas:

* Make a gift package with necessity items and toys– You can make a cute little package of essentials for the coming baby. Match the items and the theme and colors and arrange it nicely in a gift basket, decorated box, or even an infant tub. Unfortunately, I did not have time to make one myself, so I bought this oneicon for one of my close friends who is having a girl.

* Diaper Cake– I absolutely love diaper cakes! They are so cute and useful. They make great table gifts and centerpieces. If you arent up to making one, get your diaper cake on eBay, there is a surprisingly good selection of quality cakes. Learn to make an adorable diaper cake with this 20 min. diaper cake video, full step by step instructions. Check out the one I made for a friend…

* Stocked Diaper Bag– Buy a quality diaper bag and fill each pocket with the necessary items. For the smaller pockets, use these gift ideas: a bottle/sippy cup, a teething ring, a small toy, pacifiers, and infant tylenol. For the larger pockets, you can use diapers, diaper rash cream, a receiving blanket, changing pads, baby wipes, and onesies/an outfit.

If you have any ideas or if you have made anything unique for a baby shower, please comment and post pics if you have them. I love this type of stuff 🙂

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