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Fast Food Facts: Why I HATE Feeding My Kids Fast Food

I admit it. I have stopped for fast food on occasion. When we’re on the road or out of town, I have picked up a quick bite for myself and for the kids. It was easy, affordable and available. I wasn’t happy about it.

Fast foods are just that. Fast. And cheap. So the following should not be a surprise…

Say hello to the ever-popular processed chicken nuggets we all know and love from fast food restaurants nationwide. There is not only one culprit, most if not all fast food chains use the following process to mechanically separate their meats to make beef patties, chicken nuggets, and other frozen meats.

From Fooducate

Here’s how it works:

The animals parts, organs, eyes, guts, muscles, ligaments and all, are passed through a machine, a high pressure sieve to get the most meat off of the bone as possible. It is all compressed and forms a paste, just like to one you see above. Since it is mechanically separated, no human is physically taking out the aforementioned body parts so I am sure traces of them end up in your dinner. YUM.

The paste then becomes the main ingredient in many fast food nuggets, meat patties, hot dogs, bologna, jerky, salami, etc. It is full of bacteria so it must be treated in an ammonia substance to kill it all. Once it’s ready, it is dyed with the whitish color to look like chicken again (or whatever they are creating) and loaded with artificial flavors to make this crap edible!

There you have it, folks. The next time you are on your way to grab a quick bite from your local fast food chain, DON’T. If there is no other choice, opt for the salad.

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