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Fun Valentine’s Day Flashback: Having Fun With Valentines, The Frugal Way!


MJ and I had fun last night putting his Valentine’s together for his preschool friends. We got a bunch of fun items from Target, including Dora/Diego Valentine cards ($1.49), M&M minis ($2.29), a bag of Valentine pops from the $1 section, and some cellophane baggies ($1.99) to stuff with all the goodies. I printed out some Chuck E. Cheese’s Valentines good for 5 free tokens and some gift tags I found online for each bag (both free).

MJ opened all of the candy bags, he loves to use scissors, and put all of the different kinds of candies into piles. His daunting task– fill those bags, but only one of each candy in each bag! He actually did a really good job.

The Dora/Diego Valentine Cards- So Cute!

Tracing his name on the printable gift tags

The finished product!

He’s gonna love passing these out!
{and yes, that is Hungry Hungry Hippos on the stairs}

I suppose I could have done these Valentines a little cheaper, but all in all, I had a good time putting them together with my son. We were able to make 15 with some left overs, so they ended up costing only 45¢ each. Not too shabby!

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  • Very very cute!! He looks so happy and I love doing things like that with the kids 🙂 My girls are teens so they don't do that anymore but my soon to be 2 year old will be ready in the next couple years. What a sweet momma you are!

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