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How To Reuse Common Household Items | Green Living With Scott Naturals

It’s the final week of our Scott Naturals 4-week Test Drive, where my family has pledged to try Scott Naturals products in an effort to live a little greener and make a difference for our planet. I love the fact that we’re able to help in the effort to reduce the demand of virgin materials needed for paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper by using products made with recycled fibers.

In addition to the test drive challenge, we have also been conscious about reusing various items in our home. Remember, it is all about smaller steps towards the big picture. Here are a few ideas of things you could reuse in your house:

Plastic Zipper Bags – We use these for everything in our house. Most of the time, my son gets snacks in his lunch bag. Instead of throwing the bag away once it’s empty, we told him to save them and we refill with the same snack. Also, if you have seeds, you can grow them in your window in a plastic baggie. Such a fun science project!

Resealable Tubs and Containers– Use sour cream? Tubs of butter? Liquid coffee creamer? These are the perfect left over storage solutions, you can put anything in these that needs an airtight seal. Clean them out and you’re all set. I saw coffee creamer bottles on Pinterest and I HAD to give it a shot, genius!

Old towels and rags – reuse them to wash your car, wipe down spills on floors, clean glass and mirrors, or donate them to a shelter, humans and animals could benefit.

Wrapping Paper and Newspaper – Instead of trashing, re-purpose these into packing supplies or cage/litter box liners for small animals. We save our used wrapping paper and use it again if it’s in good condition.

Toilet Paper Rolls – We have collected a few of our Scott Naturals toilet paper rolls and we’re saving them to get crafty. We already used 3 rolls to plant some basil seeds, once they’re ready, you can transplant the whole roll into the ground or a planting pot.

Attempting to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is important to reduce, conserve and reuse for the good of our beloved earth. There are a few more tips to reduce wastes and recycle and earn that you can follow to green your home. What types of items do you reuse around your household?

Be sure to stop by and check out the Scott Naturals 4-week Test Drive, where you can pledge to try Scott Naturals™ products for 4-weeks and make a difference. When you do, you will help decrease the demand for virgin fibers from our precious trees that fill our forests, and your state could win $50,000 worth of land and forest preservation efforts!



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Disclosure: Mommygaga is working with the Scott Naturals brand to introduce their eco friendly cleaning products and the 4-week challenge. Although I received products to facilitate this post, all opinions are mine.

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