Target Nurse-In Protest – Mom Breastfeeding Baby In Public Is Legal!

The power of many moms can make a huge statement…

Thousands of nursing moms brought their babies into Target stores across the nation on Wednesday, but I don’t think that too many of them were shopping. A huge Nurse-In was staged, a public gathering of moms breast-feeding their babies, in support of a woman’s right to nurse in public*. Apparently, a woman in a Texas Target store was ridiculed by it’s employees when she tried to breast feed her baby in the store. She chose a corner and covered up with a blanket, but they still harassed her.

Check out some of the photos of the mamas at different Target stores nationwide…

I don’t know why people have such a fit about moms breastfeeding in public. Most moms use a blanket or cover to breast feed their children, so as long as mom’s not sitting there with her boobs exposed to the masses, WHAT’S THE ISSUE? A baby has got to eat!

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* From MSNBC

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