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Tips on How To Get Kids to Wear Their Eyeglasses

Is You Child Embarrassed To Wear Eye Glasses? Check out these tips on how to get your kids to feel comfortable with wearing their glasses, sponsored by

Kids can be cruel and with the amount of bullying that goes on nowadays, it’s no surprise that parents want to protect their children as much as they can. Wearing eyeglasses used to be a bad thing. There was a stigma that people who wear glasses are “nerds” or “geeks”. Thankfully, there’s very little teasing that goes on these days for kids who wear glasses.

Older kids and teenagers are making fashion statements out of their glasses – they like the “geek-chic” look of grandma’s eye wear. Seriously. Yet, some bullying still exists and younger kids don’t want to be called “four eyes” and it begs the question “how do I keep my child’s glasses on?” Here’s a few helpful tips:

  • Go online and find a site with a virtual mirror. Upload your child’s photo and start playing. You can make this a game and have your child interact with something gadget-y while choosing a pair of glasses can help boost their confidence. They can see what they look like with the glasses on and they can try on as many new frames as they want! Plus there’s no worry about breaking a pair of frames in the virtual world.
  • Show them pictures of their favorite TV characters with glasses. Many of today’s biggest child actors wear glasses. Some wear frames just for the sake of being cool. Others wear prescription glasses because they need them – but showing them pictures makes the point that wearing glasses can be a positive thing.
  • Read your child books themed around wearing glasses. If you have a daughter that is convinced that princesses don’t wear glasses, read her the book Princess Peepers. It will make her feel more confident about herself when she has to wear glasses. The same concept can be used with the Harry Potter books; What can Pinky See by Lucy Cousins; and I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook – a great bi-lingual read in both Spanish and English.

These tips can help make your child feel more comfortable about wearing glasses and can make the concept of wearing prescription eyeglasses seem cool.

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