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10 Ideas For Incorporating Fun and Play In Your Child’s Day

Twittermoms has teamed up with The Hub to share amazing and fun ideas to entertain your kids while going about your daily routine. The Hub is a NEW TV channel for kids and families that launched this month. They hope to inspire, entertain, and engage kids, while also bringing families together. I like that!

About The Hub:
The Hub will have shows that seamlessly blends play with curiosity. Featuring original animation, live-action series, game shows and specials, The Hub will entertain, enlighten, empower and educate kids and families. The Hub’s schedule is designed to address the viewing needs of the entire family. MORNINGS on The Hub are all about the HubBub block, developed to spark preschooler imaginations and make learning fun. AFTERNOONS and early evenings are Kid’s Prime, attracting kids 6 to 12 with clever stories, multidimensional characters and unexpected heroes. PRIME-TIME programming will showcase original and acquired series as well as movies selected for the whole family to enjoy.

I am constantly trying to make things fun around the house, so I was delighted to share my thoughts. Here are 10 ideas you can use to incorporate fun and play in your child’s everyday activities:

  • Getting Dressed: We let MJ pick out his clothes in the morning. He really likes the fact that he has a say in what he wears, He also learns a thing or two about matching colors, picking out coordinating items, and what types of clothes he should be wearing for the day in relation to the weather outside.
  • Clean Up Time: Race with your child, or have multiple siblings race eachother to see who can clean up their mess the fastest. My husband encourages MJ to clean up his toys by challenging him to a race. Of course, MJ always wins!
  • Playing Outside: We try to get outside for at least 1 hour per day, weather permitting. This has become a part of MJ’s daily routine, so we keep it interesting by playing various sports, collecting rocks, observing bugs, drawing hopscotch and tic tac toe games on the sidewalk, and even make obstacle courses on the grass.
  • Using the Restroom: This may be a boy-biased tip, but in order to get MJ to want to pee when he is supposed to, we put a cheerio in the toilet and have him aim and fire away! He thinks it’s hilarious, so do we! It also makes for less mess around the rim and sides of the toilet!
  • Snack Time: Crackers? Fruit? Whatever you give your child, you can turn it into a fun counting game. MJ’s favorite is goldfish, so we make little piles and count the fish as we pop them in our mouths. I write each number down, and at the end, I show him how I add them to see how many fish he ate. When it’s a big number, like 32, he is amazed!
  • Riding in the Car: A daily car ride is almost inevitable, so I keep a rotation of books, activity note pads and other toys to get those brain juices flowing. By the time he gets a little antsy, we’re already at our destination!
  • Dinner Prep: MJ loves to cook with me, so I give him specific, age appropriate tasks that help me in the kitchen. He grabs stuff out of the refrigerator, wipes down any mess he sees, and loves adding ingredients and stirring what’s in the pot! So much fun for him.
  • Set the Table: When dinner is just about ready, it is always  fun challenge to set the table. We encourage MJ to count the amount of poeple that are eating and get enough forks, spoons, cups, etc for each person. He likes to place each item in front of each chair. His absolute favorite part: picking out the drink!
  • Scrub-A-Dub: Sure, we have a bus load of bath toys, but the real fun is in singing! MJ is learning to wash himself, so I make up a silly song that corresponds to each body part he scrubs. If he forgets something, I say “oh no, looks like you left out your feet! Hurry, wash them wash them!” He races to wash them so the silly song will commence.
  • Bed Time: Most kids never want the day’s fun to end, so I encourage MJ to get to bed by playing a fun storytelling game. He whizzes through his bath and brushes his teeth with ease when he knows we’re going to play. The fun starts once he gets into his covers. I am usually the story “leader”, so I make up any “Once upon a time” type fairy tale and leave certain parts blank so he can fill in the next part of the story. He says the silliest things on purpose so he thinks it’s the funniest thing ever!

I love that I am able to both entertain and enlighten my son as he completes his everyday tasks and learns about the world around him. I believe that the more you know, the more you grow! How do you make your child’s daily activities a little more fun? I’d love to know!

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