12 Tips for Transitioning From A Stay At Home Mom to Working Mom


Are you a once stay at home mom who is looking to get a job working outside of the home? After being out of the workforce for a long time, it can be pretty hard to get back into the swing of things. So, what do you do when you need to make a life change and find work? I am partnering with Vanity Fair Lingerie in a compensated ambassadorship to tell you all about their partnership with Dress for Success® to help women do just that!


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Whether your significant other lost their job, the kids are finally in school, you’ve got a financial emergency and need to bring in more income, or you find yourself single due to divorce or death and you’ve been a stay at home mom for years, you CAN re-enter the job force!

I am happy to share information about Dress For Success®, a non-profit organization that is committed to helping women in need of attire and other assistance to enter the job force with poise and confidence. I’ve learned a few things from them myself, here are some tips to help you transition from staying at home to start working again.


12 Tips to Transition from Staying at Home To Working


1.Brush up your resume – look it over, add anything relevant, such as degrees, certificates, and specialty skills, give it to an unbiased and honest friend to critique, and be sure to taylor each resume to each position you’re applying for.

2. Put together a reference sheet  – If you have personal and hopefully professional references that can vouch for you, make sure to put a reference sheet together that matches your resume and alert each contact that you add to it.

3. Go through your wardrobe – You can get a call for an interview at any time, so make sure you have something appropriate to wear. No interview-esque clothes? Borrow some, or visit your local thrift shop.

4. Search online AND in person – There are tons of job search engines online, so that’s a great start. Also, there are a lot of positions that just aren’t advertised on the web, so you should attend job fairs and go to HR offices and visit businesses you’re interested in. Even a quick walk through the mall will show you “now hiring” signs that you wouldn’t have seen if you weren’t there.

5. Apply for what you’re qualified – Don’t submit for jobs that you’re over or under qualified for, it’s a waste of time. Make sure you apply for lots of positions that your skill set matches.

6.  Don’t be picky –  Try not to be too picky about location, rate of pay, full time vs. part time, etc. Something is better than nothing.

7. Be truthful about your past – You have been out of the work force, and that’s ok! Make sure interviewers know that you weren’t sitting on your butt for years, and let them know that you were a SAHM raising a family. If you were leading a playgroup or running the school PTA, that is resume worthy info!

8. Network, network, network – Put the word out to friends and family, neighbors, and others, you’ll get tons of support and might be able to secure an interview at a company that a friend works for, or another referral from someone who knows someone. You know?

9. Try a temp agency – You can find temporary placement at a variety of companies, lots of temporary workers end up being hired permanently when they’ve done well!

10. Do lots of research – The internet is your friend. There are tons of articles specific to perfecting your resume, interviewing techniques, what to wear, salary guidelines and more. Also, research each specific company you’re applying for so you know exactly what they’re about and have an idea of what they’re looking for.

11. Stay consistent, keep thinking positive – It can be discouraging to get rejection after rejection, and simply not even hear from employers at all. Trust me, I know! Keep at it, you will get an interview sooner or later!

12. Contact your local Dress for Success® – If you need assistance with your wardrobe, a support network and help with career advancement, they are available to help!


Bras change lives Vanity Fair Lingerie Dress for Success


I went through a divorce to where I was suddenly alone for the first time in my life. I will be the first to admit: IT’S HARD. Many single women, with and without children, are looking for work and need a little extra push to get there.


Dream Big and Dream Often with Vanity Fair LingerieKnow that you can seek help. Dress for Success® is a wonderful resource available nationwide for women who need them. They offer complete business suit attire down to the bra, donated by Vanity Fair Lingerie, making sure that women have the support they need to succeed. They pair clients with a one-on-one staff member for premium assistance with job placement tips, self sufficiency, personal and professional achievements for premium assistance. According to Dress for Success®, 70% of the women they serve have multiple children, and those mouths need to be fed.


Having a career means sustaining your livelihood, feeding your family, and living for YOU, especially if you’re the households bread winner. Your job can change your life! If you need assistance with your transition to the work force, learn more about Dress for Success® and their partnership with Vanity Fair Lingerie, visit Dress for Success online to find a location near you and follow along with their social channels.


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You can do it, mama: Together, we can achieve!


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