21 Things That I Want MORE of In The New Year 2016 — And It’s Not What You Think


It’s almost 2016, y’all. I have no problem being selfish with my wants, and this year, I want MORE. More of what, you ask? Almost everything. Sounds selfish? Yes, yes, I know, but it’s not what you think.


The world needs MORE


A new year represents a fresh start. Somewhat of a redo. The latest and greatest. It could be beginning or redeveloping a relationship, goal or dream that we’ve already undertaken.We all have some sort of individual new years resolution, mine is to eat healthier and exercise one more set per week, on top of what I’m already doing. But why do we wait until there’s a new year to make positive changes?


Some of you want material things; obscene amounts of money, a brand new luxury vehicle, the perfect significant other, a big ol’ house with a white picket fence, the latest designer handbag, or other tangible goods you believe will make you happy. Not I. As we begin the glorious year with a clean slate, here’s what I want to strive to have MORE of, and what I’d like to see more of in our world…


More love.

More kindness.

More travel.

More laughing.

More cuddling.

More coffee.

More conversation.

More hugs.

More understanding.

More simplicity.

More compassion.

More success.

More knowledge.

More kisses.

More sleep.

More equality.

More smiles.

More joy.

More dreams.

More selflessness.

More TIME.


That last one is a stretch, but it’s something I want more than anything. Time with family, friends and loved ones, and time to do whatever my heart desires. I want these things for humanity as a whole. Until then, I’ll do my best to make this my reality.


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