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5 Essentials for Your Family Fun Night In: Dinner and A Movie!

This list of essentials for your family night in are much needed for your next dinner and a movie! Pizza, anyone?

DiGiornio Pizzeria™ Thin Crust Pizza, Supreme Speciale for dinner

A family fun night in!

Whatever happened to a good old fashioned family night in? You know, where you stay home, play board games, overindulge on sweets and pop in a late-night movie? It’s been quite a while since we’ve been able to have a family night in, and I have to say that these are some of my favorite times to hang out with my kiddos! It is a must that we fit in some quality time for each other. One solution? PIZZA.

DiGiornio Pizzeria™ Thin Crust Pizza, eating with family

It seems as though many families gather over pizza, it’s our top choice when celebrating something special, or when having family nights together.  Make it a family fun night in this weekend, here’s what you’ll need to make your night in a success…

5 essentials for dinner and a movie night

1. Board games

You’ll need to round up a few different board games, and all of their parts, and have them ready to play! You know how kids get bored quickly and move on fast, so keep introducing new games until it’s time for everyone to eat! Tip: let your young children WIN. Saves lives, y’all.

DiGiornio Pizzeria™ Thin Crust Pizza

2. Pizza

Oh, but not just any pizza. Instead of waiting for a pizza delivery, we picked up a couple of DIGIORNIO Pizzeria™Â  Thin pizzas. It’s kinda gourmet, DIGIORNIO uses preservative-free crust that is drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, and then topped with a vine-ripened tomato, basil, thyme and oregano sauce from scratch! Just preheat the oven, remove the pizza from the wrapper and bake! There are a few varieties, we tried the Supreme Speciale and it was delicious!

Making dark chocolate dipped OREO truffles balls, sprinkle crushed OREOs on top

3. Sweets

What family fun night is complete without sweets? Pick your favorites, we had ice cream, cookies, and popcorn, our top choices for movie snacks! Sometimes we stop by the store and grab our favorite boxes of movie candies as well. Have the kids choose, they’ll appreciate it. Try making this no-bake Oreo truffles recipe pictured above, they are delicious!

4. Ample pillows and blankets

When everyone is on the couch, all at the same time, it could get a little cramped. You’ve gotta get comfortable with lots of pillows and blankets. If it’s too crowded, create a slumber party palette on the floor. And if you’ll allow it, start a pillow fight!

5. A great family movie 

Now I don’t know what you have in your home movie catalog, but we have a ton of great family-friendly movies to watch. You could find something already on TV, rent or borrow a movie, or even buy one. Here’s another time where you should let the kids pick what they want. When it comes to Christmas, these are some of our favorite family Christmas movies for kids. Fun times!

Kid toddler watching tv

We really had fun, and it didn’t involve spending a fortune to do so! Next time, I want to try DIGIORNIO Pizzeria™ Margherita and Spinach and Mushroom thin pizzas, they sound really good. For your next family fun night in, DIGIORNO Pizzeria™ Thin crust pizzas are IT. Pick one up, both myself and DIGIORNIO know that you’ll agree that their new Pizzeria!™ Thin pizza is delicious, that it is offering a “Love It Or It’s Free Guaranteed” refund. This is highly unlikely. Trust me. That crispy, thin-crust, and those premium toppings? Flavor, guaranteed!

DiGiornio Pizzeria™ Thin Crust Pizza, eating with family

Eat. Share. LOVE. I hope you’ll all have a great family fun night in! Share your love of DIGIORNO Pizzeria™ Thin pizzas with the #YouBeTheJudge hashtag to tell them how you feel about it! Mention them on Facebook and Twitter, @DiGiornioPizza, they want to hear from you!

What does your family do for a fun night in?

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