5 Kid-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Great guest post for Earth Day on how you can get your kids involved with the initiative to reduce our footprint. Every little bit helps, so let’s teach our kids to reduce and conserve for a better tomorrow.

After Christmas and her birthday, my five-year old looks forward to Earth Day more than any other holiday all year. While I can’t seem to convince her to throw her own candy wrappers in the kitchen trash can, she adores picking up litter outside. “Because, Mama,” she explains, “I’m helping clean the Earf.” Who can argue with that? Here are five great ways to help your little anti-litter bug celebrate Earth Day:

  • Pick Up Litter

My daughter finds it so fun, that this one bears repeating. Pick an area that is precious to your child; a favorite park, a stretch of woods, or even your own street. Give your child a pair of gloves and get picking! Encourage him to collect at least 20 pieces of trash in his bag and show him how to dispose of it properly. If you have more than one child involved, challenge kids to work cooperatively to collect 50 pieces of trash, to make their world shine.

  • Conserve Water

One of the easiest ways kids can celebrate Earth Day is to conserve natural resources. Teach your child to always turn off the water while he is brushing his teeth and to limit the time he is in the shower. Be a role model by turning off the faucet when you wash dishes. Likewise, wait to do laundry until you have a full load.

  • Save Energy

Another practical and child-friendly strategy for conserving resources is to teach kids to turn lights off whenever they leave a room. Remind kids that the television should not be on when no one is directly watching it. Show young techie users how to put computers in standby mode. A little effort goes a long way when it comes to helping the environment (not to mention cutting down on utility bills!)

  • Plant a Tree

When each of my daughters was born, we planted small trees in their honor. They each love their special tree and consistently ask if they can plant others. This year, that question will get a big “Yes!” In honor of Arbor Day on April 29th, why not let your child plant a tree around your yard or in the yard of a family member? The tree can be a great place for your child to visit year after year and to understand how one small act can make a big difference to the health of the planet.

  • Use Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

With so many great varieties to choose from, your child will be delighted to drink from an eco-friendly, reusable bottle, rather than continuously buying disposable plastic water bottles. Even if you do recycle those plastic bottles, their production creates harmful by-products and waste. When easy, affordable, and fun reusable options are available, it only makes sense to use this as an opportunity to teach kids about celebrating Earth Day.

By Signe Whitson, LSW and a mom to two wonderful children. Signe is the Chief Operating Officer of the Life Space Crisis Institute. Signe is also a freelance writer and contributes her wonderful relationship advice to My Baby Clothes Boutique. Come over and see the great prices on the new summer line of baby clothes, tutus and baby headbands.

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