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5 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas from the Microsoft store

I recently visited my local Microsoft store as a part of a sponsored campaign for the holidays. Their latest technology is absolutely insane. If you’re looking for any last minute gifts, there is truly something for everyone! I am excited to share what I loved.


Microsoft Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the week before Christmas, and I KNOW that some of you last-minute shoppers are in a crunch to get those holiday gifts for everyone.


At this point, you can’t really order online and get what you need in time for the big day, unless you order NOW and pay $1 million to ship it today. But let’s be realistic: you need a gift and you need it NOW. Luckily, the Microsoft store has got you covered with a great selection of electronics and lifestyle accessories that can be the perfect gift for virtually anyone, of any age, and any interest!


Microsoft Store, Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego


I went into my local Microsoft store in search of last-minute gift ideas and found so many great products: laptops, tablets, video gaming, electronic accessories, and even a few items that help with everyday life! There is truly something to fit anyone’s tastes, and here’s what I would personally recommend.


Top 5 Last-Minute Gifts at the Microsoft Store


 Microsoft Surface Pro 3


1. Surface Pro 3

This 12″ tablet doubles as a laptop, allowing more portability and ease of use of your favorite programs and applications anywhere you are. It’s like a thinner, lighter touch screen version of your laptop, boasting the same quality and functionality. You’ll get an Intel Core processor, pre- loaded Windows 8.1 Pro software, USB port and microSD card slots, all under 2 pounds! You can prop it up on your desk, or collapse to use on your lap. The Surface Pro 3 is perfect for the traveler, on the go worker or electronics lover in your life (also known as me).

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Software


2. Windows 8.1 Pro

Upgrade your current Windows software to the latest and greatest, Windows 8.1 Pro. Notable updates include the addition of OneDrive, where you can access your files anywhere, the ability watch movies or play games with Xbox, Skype with friends, or find your next favorite app in the Windows Store. Yes, apps on your computer! This is a great last minute gift for a Windows laptop owner in need of an upgrade!


Xbox One at the Microsoft Store


3. Xbox One Games and Accessories

The Microsoft store is THE PLACE for Xbox One games and accessories. The store I visited had an entire corner dedicated to this. If I had brought my kids with me, we’d never leave. You can pick up everything you need for game-loving kids and adults. We could sure use an Xbox One console at our house!


Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo, Microsoft Store


4. Parrot MiniDrones

I’m not even gonna lie, I want this. My kids would want this. My friends would want this. My grandma would want this. Who wouldn’t want this? Parrot MiniDrones are extremely cool robotic devices that you control with your smartphone. Some fly, some roll around, and some even jump! Direct your drone to do acrobatic moves, cool flying tricks and see it all happen up close on your smartphone with the onboard camera. Whoa.


Microsoft Band


5. Microsoft Band

This is healthy and fit living, on the go. Keep track of your fitness progress and your productivity simultaneously when you wear your Microsoft Band. It tracks your daily physical activity, heart rate, and helps you manage email, check your calendar, see text messages, the weather, stocks and check out who’s calling. The Microsoft Band is the perfect last minute gift for health conscious adults, with the help of Cortana as a personal assistant, there’s so much this baby can do! Syncs with your smartphone.


Finding the perfect gift is simple at the Microsoft store!


So I’ve been thinking, and I decided that I’ll take numbers 1 – 5 listed above, you know, if you wanted to grab me a last minute gift. Heh heh.  If you are looking for something special to gift to someone special, you’ve got to stop by the Microsoft store. They truly have something for the whole family: tablets, laptops, Windows Phones, Xbox consoles and games, and all of the tech you could think of, all in one place. They’ll smile, you’ll smile, and everyone’s happy.


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I hope your holiday is merry and bright!


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