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5 Must-Have Items To Bring On The Airplane When Traveling With Kids

Flying with your kids soon? I love to travel with my family, so I am sharing my list of ¬†must-have things to bring on the airplane for kids! Thanks to Cottonelle for sponsoring today’s discussion.¬†

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Isn’t it just liberating to be above the clouds? I get a sense of freedom, and awe. I enjoy flying to new destinations, but when i’m with my kids, it’s a little hard to take it all in. So many comments, complaints, “are we there yet’s”, whines, and disasters happen when they are on long flights with me.

Luckily, there is a way to alleviate all of the mid-air drama. BE PREPARED. There are a bunch of items that I absolutely must have when we’re traveling to keep the kids sane, fed, rested, occupied, and keeping clean on the go.¬†Wondering what things to bring on a plane for your next trip? Here’s a list of my must-have items when flying¬†with kids.

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5 Must-Have Items To Bring on The Airplane with Kids

1. Snacks

Can’t live without them, especially on a long flight! Make sure you have a bunch of different, non-perishable options for the whole family. I personally like dried fruit, chips or crackers, and something sweet.

2. Neck pillow and blanket

When I’ve settled into my seat, finished the movie, read my book and the Sky Mall magazine, I need a¬†travel pillow¬†and light blanket to get a little shut eye. My feet always get cold and my head bobs up and down, so these are essentials for me! Also, my kids tend to fall asleep faster, so I can lay down the pillow on my lap and let them crash comfortably.

3. Entertainment

It take a lot to keep kids busy while traveling, but we’ve gotta do it! Tablets, music players, DVD players and coloring books work well. Also, we make sure to visit the dollar store and pick up a few fun toys to play with on the plane.

These are our favorite tablets to take on the plane: Kindle Fire Kids Edition and the Apple iPad Mini, these have everything you need to keep the kids occupied on the plane, as well as yourself!

Cottonelle FreshCare On The Go Flushable Wipes

4. Cottonelle On-the-Go Soft Packs of Wipes

When snacking on a flight, there’s always an inevitable mess. Kids especially get sticky hands, crusty mouths, and crumbs everywhere. If the seat belt sign is on, or you’re in a window seat, it’s tough to get cleaned up. Thank goodness for portability, Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths On-The-Go Soft Packs are perfect to put in your purse or carry on luggage and wipe the kids down! These moist cleansing cloths are gentle, alcohol free, and flushable, so you can toss them in the trash or the toilet, no problem.

5. Ibuprofen

This is for ME. When I get restless and irritated, I always get a little headache. Keeping ibuprofen in my purse is a must – what a life saver.

I have always been a fan of Cottonelle toilet paper, it’s wonderful that they make these on-the-go packs of flushable wet wipes. I find myself using them all the time, especially in the car and on the plane when flying with kids. For a super fresh clean, I can combine Cottonelle’s Clean Care toilet paper and flushable wipes for a wet dry combo that will ensure that your bum is nice and clean.

Learn more about¬†Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths On-The-Go Soft Packs¬†and toilet paper and where to buy. Trust me, you’ll love having these in your purse!

What’s on your must have list when flying with kids?

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