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5 of My Favorite Free Kids iPhone Apps, Toddler Style


I made the decision to switch to an iphone a few months back and I am loving it! I can classify myself as a “mobile mom”, I am always on the go and love staying connected and having information at my finger tips. I am also super frugal, so I dislike having to pay for fun apps, most of which are unnecessary. Thank goodness for free apps, I can share fun, learning and a little technology with MJ. Here are a few great free iphone apps I have come across that my toddler loves:

Pre-K Letters and Numbers – Enrich your child’s mind with this fun and educational app! Help your toddler build a foundation of language and numeracy, develop fine motor skills, understand phonics and build their vocabulary with the bonus of blending common letters and counting. Our unique characters, music, sounds and over 75 fruit, vegetable, animal and items around the house illustrations help with the learning experience.

iWrite Words Lite – This cute app teaches handwriting while playing a fun game. Your toddler traces different numbers, letters, and short words with his/her finger and shows what he’s written. Once he gets the character right, each one is spoken as it is completed and a cute little picture appears, as well as lavish praise. This one is upgradable, you can pay $2.99 for the full version with advanced features.

Shape Builder Lite – This is a preschool puzzle building game that has MJ dragging and matching shapes to their correct location on the sihlouetted puzzle board to reveal a picture. Once he finishes, the picture comes to life! Shape Builder encourages cognitive thinking and fine motor skills plus exposes young minds to new music instruments, animals, produce, objects and the alphabet in a fun and engaging format with LOTS of fun sound effects! This one is upgradable for access to even more puzzles.

Bubble Wrap – This game is super fun, for adults too! Pop the virtual bubbles as fast as you can. As time ticks away, some of the bubbles reinflate and even offer 2x – 5x the points. There is even a competitive edge to pop the most bubbles and get your name in the top 5 scores (maybe this is just between my husband and I), can you beat mine?

Paint Sparkles Draw – Combining simplicity and fun, Paint Sparkles Draw introduces children to the names of all basic colors while developing their sense of vision and creativity. Finger painting was never so easy and fun. Carefully designed for small ages the app is Child-Safe and extra easy to use.


What app does your toddler love? Know of any more great, educational (free) apps for toddlers I can download? Please share in the comments section below!


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