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5 of My Favorite Quotes from An Interview With the Cast of Grandfathered


Grandfathered on Fox


I know you all remember when I was in Los Angeles last year with Disney and ABC, right? Well, I was lucky enough to also hang out with the cast of the show Grandfathered on Fox! This is a new television comedy with a wonderful blended cast, we got the chance to interview Josh Peck who plays Gerald, Paget Brewster as Sara, Christina Milian as Vanessa, Kelly Jenrette as Annelise, and Ravi Patel as Ken and none other than theeee John Stamos who plays Jimmy! Have mercy!


FOX GRANDFATHERED John Stamos Josh Peck, Jordin Althaus, FOX

photo: Jordin Althaus / FOX


We sat through a few rotations of interviews with the cast members, John was paired up with Paget, they’re former love interests on the show, Josh was paired up with Christina, the parents of the grandchild, and Ravi with Kelly was pure comedy! It was so good to meet all of them and hear how their personal life experiences resonate with the characters that they play on the show. Here are some of my favorite quotes…


photo: Jordin Althaus / FOX

photo: Jordin Althaus / FOX


5 Awesome Quotes from The Cast of Grandfathered on Fox!


1. “Like here’s a woman on television, who’s single, in her mid-forties, and she’s not afraid to say it.  Not afraid to call herself a grandmother.” – John Stamos

This was said about Paget’s character Sara, she plays a young grandma in her mid-40’s and Stamos believes that this is the most interesting character in the show. She’s not your typical Hollywood grandma, so Stamos believes that women all over the United States can resonate. Way to support the women of this country!


2. “So I was ecstatic [to get the part as Sara] and I don’t have kids.  I didn’t get the chance or I would have done it with the wrong person…” – Paget Brewster

HAHA isn’t this a life I know? Not to say that I had kids with the “wrong person”, it was right at the time but if I could only see in to the future, I would have changed many things. Brewster never had children, so she loves playing a grandmother.


3. “I think we’re just so incredibly lucky to, to have brought this group of people together and that we all like each other so much and there’s sort of this mutual respect and we’ve all gotten to see each other’s characters really grow.” – Josh Peck

This is essential in any co-working space, and i’d assume that it would be even more so on a television shows where a relationship has to be believable on screen. I love that they have such a great connection with one another on and off the set, makes for fun shooting days and an excellent show!


4. “It takes a village. It really does take that.  My mom and my sisters are very helpful as well as I do have a nanny. Somehow I balance it, when you have a kid, it’s a balancing act, you’ve got to remember everything especially for them.” – Christina Milian

This is the realest. Someone asked Milian how she manages to balance work and home life as a mother. Raising a child DOES take a village, similar to the unconventional family concept of the show. TRUTH.


5. “Another thing about this character that helps me and that also sends a good message, you old guy, stop chasing these young girls. It’s like get over that, maybe the one is right in front of your face but you have to compromise a little bit.  Maybe she’s not twenty-five, or whatever, but what you get in return is, this is like a real woman, who’s smart, who’s beautiful, who’s funny.” – John Stamos

YES. Isn’t this the theme of the world, younger is better? I love the message that this theme sends, “Jimmy” is the epitome of long time bachelor always looking for the next best young hot girl to date and it’s not always peaches and cream!


FOX GRANDFATHERED Christina Milian, Josh Peck, Paget Brewster

photo: Erica Parise / Fox


About the Show: Grandfathered


Grandfathered is a fun, comedic show about a uncommon family situation, and a certain coming of age – if you will. John Stamos stars in this show, he plays a a charismatic, longtime bachelor named Jimmy who finds his life turned upside down when he learns that not only is he the father of a grown man named Gerald, but also a grandfather to Gerald’s baby daughter. New relationships develop, old ones are rekindled, and life changes at the blink of an eye!


I don’t think that there’s a “normal” type of family any longer, I just love how the Grandfathered family is so different, they’re all single yet they’re making it work. So many of us can actually see ourselves, our diverse backgrounds and our families portrayed on television, finally!

Watch Grandfathered this Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at 8:30pm EST on Fox, Jimmy is getting “tricked” into going to see a doctor after learning that he hasn’t been in for a check up in 10 years! Watch this episodes clip…



Side note: I heard that John Stamos is an excellent bartender! Ok, maybe I saw his skills, he was throwing those bottles and pouring like a professional!



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