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5 Reasons You Need A Date Night With Your Spouse

Need a date night? I am a member of the #OutbackBestMates, a fun, sponsored ambassador program where I get to share all of their deliciousness with you all.


photo: Flickr, instantvantage

photo: Flickr, instantvantage


Ahhh, date nights. So liberating, so fun, yet so hard to come by!


I remember trying to schedule in date nights, it’s yet another thing to add to such a hectic schedule that we’d often forgo it all together. Work, kids, and sleep all got in the way, because that stuff is more important, right? Sometimes.

You’ve committed to being with one person for the rest of your life, and if all goes as planned, it’s a long one! It’s important to keep things lively and take a little time for the two of you. That’s how you fell in love in the first place, am I right? 


Outback Steakhouse Date Night Official Sponsor


5 Reasons You Need A Date Night With Your Spouse



When is the last time you had a sit down, face to face, heart to heart conversation with your spouse, sans kids? With all of the hustle and bustle of LIFE, you can still show them that they are a priority. Romance, and, well, sex are necessary. Marriages need it, so get to it!


Communicate a little better

Communicate often and well with your spouse ensures that you are both on the same page. When you’re happy with someone, your fuse is not so short and your not so apt to get mad at little things. Trust me, I know. 


Do adult things

You know, watching rated R movies, stopping in to a wine bar, and even get a little frisky in the bedroom. Surely things you can’t do if you’re with your children.


A break from parenting

Just to get a bit of your sanity back. Everyone needs time away from the kids, to not be the all needed, responsible one. 


Indulge in something new

Indulge, and try something new together. How about a Date Night Meal from Outback Steakhouse? It includes a Bloomin’ Onion, Signature side salad, a sirloin steak and cheesecake for two. Also, order a bottle of wine, select bottles are $10 off. No cooking, and no dishes? Sounds like a win to me! 




Can you believe that Outback’s New American Romance study says that people are too busy for the one they love? I can. More than half of those surveyed said they need at least one date night per month to keep the spark alive, but shockingly 56% can’t remember their last date night!

To learn more about their Date Night Meal, visit Outback.com/date for more information, and follow along with them on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.


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  • You get a lot of food at Outback for dinner on date night. I like the Bloomin onion and the fact that their is dessertwith this dinner for one price. I would love to go out for a Date night soon to Outback. I just love their food!

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