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5 Ways to Eat Healthy On A Budget

How important is purchasing organic food to your family?

I will admit, we do not have an exclusively organic kitchen. Often times, the organic selections are twice the price of regular foods, prompting us to buy non-organic. I can’t be the only one, I have heard many people say that they are not able to shop organic because of the prices. I think eating healthy is key.

Although we are not 100% organic, I do my best to keep healthy meals and snacks on the table. Here are a few things we’re doing in my household to eat healthy while on a budget…


5 Ways to Eat Healthy on A Budget


– Prepare most meals at home – I am a sucker for eating out, but doing so runs the risk of consuming unknown additions to food. Extra salt, huge portions, heavy sauces, preservatives and other additives are unnecessary, know what you are eating by making your own dishes. Try this recipe for Southwestern Chili, my family loves it!

– Keep the calorie content down – Vegetables and fruits are naturally lower in calories than many other foods, why not load up on them? Prices on fruits and veggies tend to be lower than their unhealthier counterparts, so shop smart and healthy.

– Less pre-packaged foods – Yes, cookies, chips and crackers are a quick and easy fix for a snack. Why not make a fresh fruit salad with the kids? It may take a little time, but you’ll be teaching your kids a life skill while snacking healthy. Suggestion: Babies and toddlers love this homemade applesauce!

– Serving fruits and vegetables with every meal – Kellogg’s cereals are quick and easy in the morning, I personally love their Raisin Bran! An easy way to make this a more nutritional meal is to add a side of fruit. Bananas, strawberries, and orange slices are great choices. At dinner time, throw some broccoli into your pasta or make a side salad.

– Purchase produce at local farmer’s markets – You get better quality food this way. Local food is fresher and supports your city!


Would you buy organic if it were more available and affordable? I sure would! Due to the struggle to provide healthy foods that many families have, TakePart, an online community inspired to take action, is asking government officials to encourage wider availability and affordability of healthy, organic products. It is a big issue, so Take Part has started a petition to give to government officials to raise awareness.




When you do, you will be making your voice heard to congress that you want to support more tax dollars going towards programs that help families gain greater access to healthy, affordable food in the new farm bill.


[embedit snippet=”takepart-petition”]


Healthy eating is important, why not make it mandatory? TakePart (and me!) thanks you for your support.


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Disclosure: This article is sponsored by TakePart. All opinions, stories and personal thoughts are mine.



  • Love your tips – all healthy….they way I want to be and raise my son. I only hope to have a veggie garden one day. Rain is coming this year – great for our strawberries!!!

  • We’ve save a lot of money the last few months buy not purchasing pre-packaged foods. I also love purchasing produce at my local farmer’s market, There a larger selection and the fruits and vegetables are much cheaper than a chain grocery store!

  • Those are great tips! While I seemed hassled by Celiac Disease in the beginning, I now see that it helps us by making homemade food and avoiding prepackaged. Not only does it save money, but keeps us healthy!

  • I currently do everything you mentioned but still find it hard to eat healthy on a budget. They don’t have coupons for fruit, that is to bad. This is a great reminder to stay in track. You are so right about the fruits and veggies fill you up more. They are more filling and more satisfying.

  • This is a good post! I must say I too love eating out but I’m trying to save so we will be making more healthy meals at home now. Thanks for sharing this post!

  • We also organic garden every year. It costs us around $100 or less, and during the Summer/Fall months we are enjoying fresh produce daily for “free.” I also preserve as much as possible to enjoy at other times of the year to help keep costs down. I know not everyone has room for a garden, but when I lived in the city, we planted tomatos, peppers, strawberries and other edible plants in our “flower beds” and in buckets on the deck

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