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A Letter to the New Baby

Dear New Little Bundle of Joy,

You are growing and growing inside that belly of mine, I feel your kicks and movements getting stronger and stronger each day! I am 24 weeks along now and time is speeding by. I still have a couple of months to carry you around, but I am sure you’ll be here sooner than we think, especially if that placenta previa does not clear itself up. Maybe you can push it up and out of the way?

You’re in there, kiddo

 According to Baby Center, you currently weigh just over a pound and measure a foot long from crown to rump, the size of an ear of corn! You are beginning to gain weight rapidly, and so am I. It’s killing me to know that although you weigh only 1 pound, I have gained 20! You’re stretching me out here! All in all, I have been feeling great. No nausea, swolen feet, extreme fatigue or any other major complications. Let’s keep it up!

As for the minor, I am always hungry, have become as slow as a snail, now forced to roll out of bed, and I am even waddling a little now. Thanks.

We do not know yet if you are a boy or a girl, but we will soon find out! See, I wanted to be surprised at birth and daddy wanted to know right away, so we compromised. The doctor checked out your parts via ultrasound and sealed your gender in an envelope. I gave the envelope to my sister, she plans to open it last minute and find a creative way to reveal the sex at the baby shower! Then, we can dig down into naming you.

Your older brother MJ is super excited to have a baby brother/sister. He thinks he is going to have a baby sister and references you as “she” every time he talks about you. He kisses my tummy every day and talks to you. Per a conversation you two had, he actually told me that you like baseball and frozen yogurt! I don’t think he really understands the scope of having a new baby in the house until you arrive. Well see how this little mamas boy acts! If you are ever wondering what that strangely obnoxious shreiking noise is, ity’s your daddy singing to you…

Can’t wait to meet you sometime in 2011! Until then, stay in that safe and warm womb of mine and keep on growing and developing into a healthy little sprout!

Love ♥,
Your Mommy

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