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A San Diego Sunset in December: Inspiration To Travel


Ever wondered what it looks like in December in other places besides where you live? Most of you are dealing with harsh temperatures, tons of rain and snow. I’m sorry.


Waterfront Sunset Downtown San Diego Bay


This is what it looked like yesterday, December 20th, 2015 in Downtown San Diego at 5pm. Stunning, no? It was about 60 degrees and a little windy, but if you were staying at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel, THIS is what you would have seen!


It was my mom’s birthday weekend and we decided to go to Spa Aquazul for some good old massages, steam room time and pure relaxation. It’s not often that we get to unplug and treat ourselves, sans children, and it was wonderful.


San Diego sunsets rarely disappoint, we are treated with these from September through the winter and it is marvelous to go out for a late afternoon run at the beach and see it! If this baffles you, maybe you live in the Northeast or Midwest where the sun hasn’t shown in weeks, it might be time for a little exploration!


Feeling in awe? Travel. Escape. Wander. GO. See where life takes you, it might lead you to a little sunshine!


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  • I miss San Diego! I lived there for a year . It was gorgeous 🙂 .. The weather in Alabama isn’t bad.. Just warm and not Christmasy!

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