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A Thousand Words Thursday: Silly Kids #ATWT

It ‘s A Thousand Words Thursday! Since photos can often tell a better story than words, I decided I would share them to show what my family has been up to.


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From the last post:

I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before, I agree with it whole-heartedly! I don’t believe there are enough words or phrases for certain emotions. You just can’t completely explain some things.

I decided I would get in on this photography meme, A Thousand Words Thursday, with my blogging friend Jen. It’s a photography challenge that is intended to share indescribable memories in the form of photos. These could be sweet, emotional, and say a lot about my life and what it’s all about, all without saying a word!


This photo is so precious to me. If you were ever looking to define brother-sister love, I am sure this is it!


silly kids


It was Sunday morning around 7ish. I heard all kinds of ruckus from the kids’ room. I was pissed, it’s SUNDAY. Go to sleep! I went into the room to see what was going on and found MJ in his sisters crib. They were giggling back and forth, one of those contagious laughs, and it made me laugh, too! I instantly forgot I was mad for waking up so early.

THIS is what motherhood is all about…


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