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ABC’s Downward Dog TV Show Is Funny and Oh So Real, Even With The Talking Dog!

ABC’s Downward Dog TV show is premiering this week, and it’s so fun! If you’re looking for a comedic, real day in the life of a millennial with a twist of pet lover, this is the show for you.

ABC's Downward Dog TV show is funny and so real, even with the talking dog!

What would you say if I told you that there was a show with normal looking people, a realistic story line reflecting today’s human experience, and a diverse cast, but it was narrated by a DOG? When I was in Los Angeles with Disney, we got the chance to meet with Allison Tolman and Samm Hodges about their new show Downward Dog on ABC! It’s such a different type of comedy, this show features real life situations that millennials face today, yet we get to hear it all from the perspective of the main character’s pet dog Martin. The way they make it happen is so funny, because it’s relatable and TRUE!

ABC's Downward Dog, Allison Tolman and Ned the Dog

photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

I loved meeting Allison Tolman and Samm Hodges, they are both very excited about the new series and they can’t wait for people to see what they’ve been working on. Tolman plays Nan, the main character, and Hodges is the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of the show, and provides the voice of Martin the dog. I love how Hodges explained the idea: “We realized a dog has such a intimate view of the life of their owner… So it became much more about the character of Nan and him as an angle on her life, ’cause he sees all these moments that no one else was there for.

If you are a dog owner or pet lover, you will totally understand and love this show! We screened the first episode of ABC’s Downward Dog TV show, which is airing Wednesday, May 17, 2017, and I really enjoyed it. Here’s what I think you should know about ABC’s Downward Dog and why you should give it a watch.


photo: ABC/Kelsey McNeal

ABC’s Downward Dog TV Show Is Funny and Oh So Real!

It’s REAL, and that’s refreshing

Well, accept for the talking dog, of course. But the actors are real, diverse people, not perfectly made up size 2 models, and the story line is based on real life in today’s society. Nan (Tolman) is an average, millennial woman who reminds me of so many women I know. She’s normal sized, works hard to excel in her career, has a best friend as a dog who she loves, and deals with the ups and downs of complex relationships the best way she knows how – yet is still struggling on how to balance it all. She’s not 100% confident in herself, and she constantly second guesses her actions and decisions. This is (or has been) true for so many of us! 

ABC's Downward Dog tv show, Lucas Neff, Allison Tolman

photo: ABC/Brian Douglas

I love the dog, and the comedic timing is great

What’s great about this show is that it’s actually funny, especially the dog Martin! We all know how dogs behave at times, but this show uses those behaviors and puts a voice and explanation to them as if it’s what the dog is thinking. Sometimes, it’s totally inaccurate, but it’s hilarious because it fits so well within the scenario! You know what happens when you leave your dog at home alone for too long!

It was interesting to hear that Ned (Martin) is actually a rescue dog. They also have to do quite a bit of work to make the dog look like he’s actually talking. They have to record both the dogs and Hodges’ muzzles, and marry their faces together. Tolman tells us, “They would have [Ned] sit there and the trainer would be behind the camera and they’d try to make him look over here and try to make his ears move, just so he stays animated — like when you talk your face moves. It’s like Samm’s like facial movements speaking on top of Ned’s face.”

DOWNWARD DOG – ABC’s “Downward Dog” stars Ned as Martin and Allison Tolman as Nan

Balancing careers, relationships, and responsibilities at home

Not too long ago, women were not as productive outside of the home as we are today. This has opened up avenues for us that are amazing, but leaves us with the need for balance in all that we do. I feel like millennials are the first generation to embody this as a commonality, more and more women are choosing their own paths and figuring it out along the way. This show actually addresses it.

This definitely describes Nan. In the show, she’s recently broke up with her boyfriend and tries to focus more on her career, leaving out her dog in the process. Despite keeping an awkward relationship with the ex-boyfriend, she juggles a few different things in her life, drops the ball a few times, and realizes that she really needs her dog Martin, her best friend. To note, a little bit of sexy time happens in one of the episodes and Martin has his comments and assumptions, just in case you’re watching with kids!

ABC's Downward Dog tv show stars Allison Tolman as Nan and Ned as her dog Martin

Don’t miss the premiere of ABC’s Downward Dog TV show, May 17 at 9:30pm EST!

Get ready for a unique series, and lots of laughs along the way! ABC’s Downward Dog will premiere in a special sneak peek on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 9:30pm EST on ABC. The following week, Downward Dog will move to its normal time at 8:00pm EST on Wednesdays. Hodges says that they have filmed 8 episodes for this first season, so make sure you tuned to ABC!

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I attended a press trip courtesy of Disney. Travel, lodging and other logistics are provided, opinions are those of Honey + Lime.

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