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Disney Infinity Game Combines Toy Collectibles with A Virtual World

They’ve done it again. As if the Disney franchise hasn’t provided us with enough entertainment with their animated films, theme parks and TV shows, they come up with an all-new gaming experience that will knock your Disney loving socks off…

Disney Infinity Game


Disney Infinity – What Is It?

Disney Infinity is a virtual playground, combining your favorite Disney characters as physical toys with the virtual game world on screen. It uses collectible figurines, including characters from Walt Disney and Pixar Studios, transporting them into the game, allowing Lightning McQueen from Cars and Mike Wazowski from Monsters University to take on an adventure together!

The game comes with the Disney Infinity base and a starter pack of figurines. Each figurine has a flat disc on the bottom, which fits into a spot on the Infinity base. Once it connects, it places the character into the game on screen. Character figures include those from The Incredibles, Monsters University, Cars, Pirates of The Caribbean, and more to come.

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I got a first look at Disney Infinity at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference, I like! You can choose to play in one of two modes:


Play Set Mode – Play with your figurines in pre-made sets from your favorite Disney movies

No matter the Play Set, your adventure will always be different. Whether you are racing Cars around canyons, sailing the high seas with Pirates of the Caribbean or creeping around Monsters University campus, there will always be new worlds to discover… and endless fun!

Toy Box Mode – Mix up the toys and create your own game

Let your Imagination run wild in the DISNEY INFINITY Toy Box! Unlock virtual toys from each Play Set – characters, buildings, weapons, gadgets and more – and bring them into the Toy Box where you can mix them all up to create your own game. In the Toy Box, there are no rules and you can create any adventure you want. It’s up to you and your imagination!


Disney Infinity Power Discs

You can also collect Power Discs that can help you in play by increasing your health, wealth, power and more. In addition to powering up, some of the spacial discs unlock a multitude of special gadgets and themes for the Toy Box.


Watch Disney Infinity come to life…



Honestly, this looks like a fun game that my son would love. He’s very creative and likes to mix up the program, so making his own game is right up his alley. I would like to see more female Disney characters offered in the future. Not necessarily all of the princesses, but they have Pochahontas, who was rather adventurous, and the fiesty Merida from Brave who would be perfect, too. There is chatter about a Phineas and Ferb Play Set, so hopefully Candace is somewhere in the mix.
Disney Infinity will be available August 18, 2013 for all major platforms, including, Playstation 3, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Xbox 360. Reserve yours now or browse Amazon.

Learn more about Disney Infinity:

Official Website:  https://infinity.disney.com/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/disneyinfinity
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/disneyinfinity
Twitter: http://twitter.com/disneyinfinity
Instagram: http://instagram.com/disneyinfinity


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