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Action Packed, Family Fun With The Smurfs 2 Video Game! #Smurfs2Game

the_smurfs_2_xbox-gameGuess what movie is out in theaters today? The Smurfs 2!


This was one screening that I would have loved to go to, I didn’t get an invitation for the San Diego area so i’ll have to catch it in theaters. I got the chance to test out Ubisoft’s The Smurfs 2 game for XBOX360, it’s an understatement to say that my kids were excited!


My favorite blue characters from my childhood are back and all over this game! It follows the movie, which is basically about the Smurf’s gang and their attempt to rescue Smurfette, who was kidnapped in Paris! The evil Gargamel has created some mischievous smurf-like creatures, called Naughties, and wishes to turn them into real Smurfs. Only Smurfette knows the magic spell, so he takes her to Paris where he is well known and the Smurfs must figure out a way to get her back! In the game, up to 4 players can jump in and out of the screen, playing as their favorite Smurf as they navigate 6 different world’s, from their own Enchanted Forest all the way to Paris.


In the Enchanted Forest…




This action packed game requires lots of movement and interaction, telling you the story line as you go along before key scenes. It is fun to follow, my son is 6 and he was thrilled to find that he could pass all stages of each world to unlock the next. To move forward to the next world, you have to unlock a “boss level”, which requires an enemy battle that you have to survive. It’s kind of like having a bunch of mini-games in one! Another cool thing: there are different character extras that appear in each level to help you pass it. Some Smurfs can freeze enemies when necessary and others can stomp, throw potions, and more.


Here are a few screenshots of the game:


In good ol’ New York City…




smurfs 2 video game


The city of Paris, France. See the Eiffel Tower?





Don’t you want to help Papa Smurf and the crew to bring Smurfette home safe? My kids do, every day for the past week that we have been playing the game. I love that The Smurfs 2 game is appropriate, interactive, and fun for kids. They can stay active, collect coins and berries while they work hard to find Smurfette, trying to avoid enemies. All ages can play, and the narratives and instructions that are given throughout the game are in pictures, to work for everyone. It is slightly challenging, but I think it’s perfect for kids 4 years old and up.


The Smurfs 2 game is available now for almost every active gaming platform possible. Play on your Wii™, Playstation 3®, XBOX360®, Nintendo DS™, and Wii U™, your family will have a blast! Check out the official game trailer and look on Amazon or Game Stop for pricing and availability. Two thumbs up for this family friendly game!



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