Spring Home Décor: Easy Bedroom Makeover Without Breaking the Bank

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming…this can only mean one thing: spring is here!


Spring Bedroom Decor Makeover


This spring season, I partnered with Glade® to share my tips on how to bring the #bestfeelings we experience outdoors, in! To immerse ourselves in the joyous feelings and new beginnings that springtime offers, we decided to lightly refresh our bedroom décor. There are several ways to revamp your bedroom without spending a fortune, so walk past that new bedroom set you’ve been contemplating and follow my budget-friendly tips!


Spring Bedroom Makeover, Under $100!


For this makeover, I focused on my guest bedroom which was in need of some serious color. The room started off with very plain, dark and striped comforters and espresso-colored furniture. With absolutely no décor, the room was so drab that it was calling for a refresh! Here’s what we did to update the space, all while staying under our $100 budget:


New Bedding


Spring Decorated  Bedroom


Updating the comforter from dark to bright hues helped break up the darkness in the room. I found this twin-size comforter set (pictured above) at Target for only $29.99! The gray accent pillow was also purchased at Target at $16.99. Both were great finds that boast all the spring colors I love!


Update Your Wall Art


blue floral wall art


While scouring through the aisles, I also found this 3-piece, blue-green floral art set, priced at $29.99. It is the perfect complement to the bed spread and even has a little bit of dark hues that go well with the dark furniture.


Bring in Small Décor Accents


Glade® Plugins® Scented Oil Warmer Customizables™ In Lift Off™


On the dresser, I decided to use a set of blue and gray vases ($20), alongside a lightly-colored wicker basket which goes well with the overall spring feel. For the final touch, I plugged in my Glade® Lift Off™ and Live Loud™ PlugIns® Scented Oil Warmer Customizables™. The energizing floral mix combined with the soothing notes of peach and citrus, gives the space a light and refreshing feel, making it the perfect relaxation destination for both day and night. The warmer, which is plugged in next to dresser, comes with a beautifully designed floral holder that fits right into the rooms’ décor!


Bedroom dresser with spring decor


I really like how the room turned out, all done for under $100! The light colors blend in well with the dark brown furniture and create a nice, sophisticated look and feel. The versatile colors also make it easy to mix up the rooms’ color-themes as we wish. For example, adding a gray or blue rug would have been nice, but it wasn’t in the budget right now. Maybe I can add in later, it would look lovely in the center of the room next to the bed. 


home decor painted ombre vases



Subtle changes like incorporating light colors to a dark room, along with adding a hint of your favorite spring scent, helps bring that getaway you’ve been dreaming about right to your home! Are you refreshing your home to bring out your #bestfeelings this spring? Share your décor ideas via Twitter and Facebook using #bestfeelings!


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To help you decorate your home in the name of spring, Glade® is giving away a fun prize pack including the Glade® Lift Off™ and Live Loud™ PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables™ Warmer,  an Ombre Sangria Softest Throw Blanket from West Elm and Two Pottery Barn Jewel Starfish Pillows. Enter to win by leaving a comment on this blog post and record it in the Rafflecopter form below. Contest ends May 9, 2014. Good luck!


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I have partnered with Glade® to share the ways I am refreshing my home for the spring season. Although compensated, all opinions are my own. 


  • love clean linen and peach blossom..my living room could def use a fresh paint job and I would love to do something..anyting with my childrens room 🙂 thanks for the chance

  • I would love to give my living room a fresh coat of paint with one contrasting wall color.I also want so new drapes and a new rug in earth tones.I think the Hawaiian Escape scent would smell amazing.

  • I love orange, lavender and vanilla cents. I change out a few knack knacks and the front door entry mat

  • I’d love to redecorate the bathroom and I love the scents of Clean Linen® & Lavender & Peach Blossom

  • I sooo need to redo my living room. While I love victorian, I need to update!
    I would love to try the Hawaiian Breeze® & Vanilla Passion Fruit.

  • I like to decorate for spring by removing all the heavy blankets, adding glass objects instead of wooden. I love floral scents…especially lavender

  • I like to decorate my home so that there is scents everywhere. I do candles and fairys all over the place. My favorite Hawaiin Breeze scent. I am a big believer in aromatherapy

  • I love the lavender and vanilla! I would love to decorate my house in earth tones and with lots of house plants.

  • I would love to decorate my home this season with the Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Warmer Customizables™ I love the unique design of these warmers and the dual scent feature. I would use the spring themed Lift Off and Live Loud set with the fresh scent of violet and peach meeting the invigorating scent of peonies and orange blossoms.

  • I’d love to be able to decorate my house with a modern look to it. I love the Hawaii n breeze scent!

  • I love the Hawaiian Breeze. This Spring I have started an indoor garden so it will take a little time to get it set up so that we can have fresh veggies and flowers year round! However, scents like this make it nice and easy to add a touch of scent to the air 🙂

  • I would decorate traditional style and have the lilac scents. I love the white country style with pops of soft colors.

  • I would love to decorate my home in a mid-century modern style, since it was built in the 50’s and is perfect for that decor. Some day!!!

    For scents – anything vanilla or coffee scented in the fall and winter, but in the spring & summer it definitely has to be something light and fruity.

    • Oops – I got interrupted and forgot to say that Hawaiian Breeze® & Vanilla Passion Fruit would probably be my favorite scent.

  • My favorite scent for spring is just a fresh odor. Not too sweet. I am in the mood to purge, so I plan on weeding out a lot of stuff for spring cleaning.

  • We are moving so it is the best time to decorate my home. I want to decorate my new bathroom in a floral theme

  • I like the lavender and the vanilla and citrus for summer, make my apartment seem cooler, also bring in fresh flowers and de clutter

  • We need some bright colorful paintings/decor for our living room and dining room. I would like the Bali bloom spray scent I think.

  • I love to spruce up the house with new pillows and fresh flowers. My favorite spring scents are lilac and lavender.

  • I love to spruce up the house with new pillows and fresh flowers. My favorite spring scents are lilac and lavender.

  • I would love to scent my home with Hawaiian Breeze & Vanilla Passion Fruit. I would like to create a tropical inspired room inspired by the scent with floral prints, bright colors and blue walls.

  • I like the Hawaiian Breeze® & Vanilla Passion Fruit. I would love to redo a few rooms in my house to have a more tranquil and relaxing feel to them. Maybe some light color schemes.

  • I would like to redecorate my home with lighter colors and new and different area rugs. I like Lavender scent or light floral.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Would love to decorate my living room in a beach theme. In natural hues of blues and beige’s. I like light berry and vanilla scents for spring.

  • Right now I’m sewing new curtains or a couple of rooms- it should make a big difference!

    I love fruity, light scents for Spring, so I think I’d love Glade’s Hawaiian Breeze® with notes of passion fruit and vanilla!

  • I am redoing a “me” room right now. Fresh paint and new vinyl floor. I like a light fresh scent such as rain, sea, something clean and fresh.

  • I would love to redo my bedroom to match the colors of the resort I stayed at in Mexico. It was a light blue and light mandarin scheme that whenever I see the combo, it just relaxes me. I would pair that with some of these great new scents like Bali Bloom!!

  • I would love to redecorate my living room with more lighter, brighter colors and I love all fruity smells like Wild Raspberry.

  • I would love to re-decorate my living with all new décor. I love fruity and also flowery scents in spring. I would love to try the Bali Bloom™ Premium Room Spray

  • I would like the Hawaiin Breeze scent. MMM…tropical paradise!
    I would like to redecorate my home by creating a sort of mudroom look to the front entry of my house. I need some organization in that area. Badly.

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