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An Inside Look: Is The Walmart Moms Shopping Challenge Rigged?

Ok, so i’m sure you’ve seen the national Walmart commercials where a mom goes shopping at a local grocery competitor and compares the prices. Skeptical? A paid actor would say anything they’re told, right?

Well, here’s the truth. I recently did one of these commercials. Yep. I was the shopping mom.  Did you see it on TV? First, we took to a local Ralphs grocery store where I was told to shop for normal items I would on my own grocery trip.



Once I finished shopping, I checked out and took my groceries and receipt over to Walmart. They scanned all of my items to see which ones they carried in their store. Walmart used these items ONLY to achieve a fair and exact comparison.



Here’s what I found…

  • About half of the items I purchased were exact comparisons. When I shopped at Ralphs, I had no idea how this was going to work. They didn’t tell me what to buy, everything I selected was stuff I normally purchase.
  • They were very fair with price comparing. For example, there was a giant box of Pampers I got, but they could not use it for comparison since the one I bought had a bonus pack in it.
  • The biggest savings I remember: Dove cool moisture body wash, over $4 less at Walmart ($5.47 vs. $9.49 at Ralphs), Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Cereal was 35% less ($2.98 vs $4.59 at Ralphs), and Star Olive Oil, another $4 savings ($5.76 vs. $10.49 at Ralphs). I saved over $10 on these three items alone, even after using my Ralphs Club Card!
  • This challenge was created to show the possible savings at an average shopping trip. Yes, there were some items that came in close to or slightly higher than the competitors prices. In total, there was a 21% savings overall, about $30 I could keep in my pocket!


I’m no actor. I am a regular San Diego wife and mom of 2 children, and like many of you, love to save money on my everyday shopping items. I was not paid money, but only the groceries purchased in Ralphs and Walmart. I was happy to take this shopping challenge, I have no interest in overpaying for essentials when I have a million and one other things to pay for. Try taking the Walmart Shopping Challenge for yourself, take your receipts with you and compare the prices.

Check out the commercial, what do you think about it?



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Disclosure: Although I was compensated for my time for the commercials, Walmart did not prompt me to post about my shopping experience. I am sharing my own thoughts, all opinions are my own.



  • well thats awesome! do you normally shop at ralphs? I know they are quite spendy.. just wondering if they told you to shop there so they were sure to be able and show savings for walmart.. good job!

  • You did a great job. I love shopping at Wal-Mart and I’m glad to see that the commercials feature real life moms and not actors.

    • Cool, glad you did a comparison too! The only thing is that i’d rather not wait for a sale, then hunt for and stack coupons for items I always buy. Coupons are very situational. If you have them, great. But i’d rather not depend upon them, as they are not always available for everything I want. When you do have them, you can also use your manufacturer’s coupons at Walmart, lowering the prices ever more. So, while you may have saved more on this specific shopping trip, it’s almost impossible to duplicate your results time after time (great savings, by the way!). This shopping comparison was done with specific items that I always buy. I don’t want to be forced to buy whatever is on sale for the week.

      Thanks for reading!

  • OH wow! That is so neat! I always wondered about those commercials! So neat to see how you did on your shopping trip! I really do not do much grocery shopping at Walmart…but think I might have to start!

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