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Attending Disney Pixars Monsters University: A Campus Overview #MonstersUEvent



The whole entire monsterverse is getting ready for the upcoming Disney Pixar film, Monsters University. If you have not gotten your applications for admission or financial aid sent in, you’d better get on it. First day of school is June 21st!


Remember when I went to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago to visit Pixar Studios for my freshman orientation? …And remember when I said that I had a wonderful time, gave you all a preliminary look at the Monsters U events, and that there is tons more to share? From the decked out campus, the pep rally, live band, food, and activities, to the animation process of making Monsters University, the whole Pixar experience was fascinating!


For starters, you must check out my student ID. All MU students will need their ID cards to access the MU campus…


Deanna Underwood

Here’s a look at the entrance to the MU campus. It’s exactly the same as the one featured in the movie!


Monsters University Entrance, Disney Pixar HQ


Monsters University never falls short on school spirit. Monsters, goblins and ghouls all love attending and have plenty of school pride. Here’s a look at the MU band that greeted all incoming freshmen.


Monsters University Band


The campus is lovely. You’ll enjoy hanging in the student lounge, eating at the cafeteria, and shopping in the MU student store.


Inside Pixar, Monsters University

Monsters University Student Lounge

Monsters University Student Store


New students can take a campus wide tour, where you can learn about the campus’ history, see where the classrooms are located and take in a lesson about Pixar’s animation process for the movie. The process is insanely detailed, the creativity flowing in that building is mindblowing! Side note: Pixar’s headquarters has a swimming pool! More on this in a later post.


Interested in joining a club, or pledging a fraternity or sorority? MU has plenty! This was the place to learn about them all and sign up.


Students at Monsters University, Pixar campus


Just a few more awesome details of the decked out Pixar campus…


Sulley and Mike, Monsters University

Classifieds in the quad at Monsters University

Monsters University School Spirit

Monsters University Band and Cheerleaders

Orientation at Monsters University

Bulletin Board in Monsters University Student Lounge
Deanna at Monsters University, mommyGAGA.com

Be sure to check out Monsters University, in theaters June 21st! Don’t miss out, visit the official site and also MonstersUniversity.com for more details about the movie. You can also like the Monsters University Facebook page to enroll and get fun updates!


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Disclosure: I am attending all events on behalf of Disney. Everything I share is all mine.



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