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Avoiding The No-Gift-Idea Dilemma #BadGift

What do you do when you have NO IDEA what to get someone as a gift?


Picking Great Gifts How to Avoid Giving A Bad Gift


Because this happens every single year. We celebrate birthdays and Christmas with gifts in our family. I can always figure out something to get for my immediate family, no problem. Every single year, there’s always that one family member that you have no idea what they want.
Giving Gifts No more gift cardsFor us, it’s my mother in law. It’s so hard to shop for her, she is very simple and doesn’t require too many material things, doesn’t travel, doesn’t have any hobbies, and is pretty much set with everything she needs. We are constantly stumped! Guess what we always end up getting her… a gift card. No sentiment, no surprise, just throw a gift card to a local grocery store into a greeting card and done. I wish we had more ideas to be able to switch it up a bit and get something more meaningful!
I wish I would have known about pickURgift sooner! This site is sort of like an online “reverse wish list” where users can put together a list of gift items and allow their recipient to choose which ones they want. Aggregate anything from any website and add it to the list using their special UR button, which is easily added to your browser as a bookmark.



So, I basically could have put together a bunch of different gift ideas for her, and have her check it out to see what she might like. She can decide, no guessing, no problems! No more issues with unwanted gifts, or those gifts that make people give a fake “awww, you shouldn’t have.”
The next time you find yourself stumped with what to get someone for their special occasion, create a list with pickURgift and avoid giving an unwanted gift! Follow along with the pickURgift blog for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card, which can be powered up to $500! Enter below, contest ends April 9, 2014. Good luck!


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