Baby’s Coming: Hoping For A Great Delivery Experience

When MJ was born, I had an amazing experience. From the nursing staff at my OB’s office to the hospital, they were all extremely knowledgeable, caring and treated me as if I were the only patient there. He was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin a few years ago and we have moved back to San Diego since.

I never had a specific OB when we lived in San Diego before, so I was sorta forced to choose from a list that our insurance company provided if we wanted full coverage. I was surprised to find that my options were limited to Obstetrician/Gynecology “groups” rather than an individual doctors practice.

The group I chose, West Coast OB/GYN, is comprised of 4 doctors, 2 nurse practitioners and a few other random staff in nurses scrubs. They had some pretty decent reviews, so I went for it. Overall, the establishment is well run and the staff all have loads of experience, but it’s just missing that personal touch.

An average appointment consists of a different nurse coming in to greet you each time, take your vitals, talk about any pregnancy related questions or concerns, etc. The doc strolls in with his white lab coat for about 3 minutes, says a few words, pokes and prods a bit and bids us good day. If you need any follow up information, a shot or anything else, more nurses come in and take care of it. When it is time to give birth, you basically get whatever doctor is on call at the time and the nurses at the hospital monitor you throughout your labor until it is time to deliver. This time, you get the doc for an hour!

There are a couple of nurses that I have seen so far. One that is super sweet and remembers me as an individual every time I see her, and another that is super blah and has no clue who I am in comparison to the next pregnant lady in the waiting room. I have seen her a couple of times, and every time I come in, she has to read my entire chart and even asks ME questions about my previous visits, ultrasounds and other stuff that she should know. I even asked her a general question once in regards to my latest ultrasound I had to see if my placenta previa had moved itself out of the way. Her response: “I don’t know”.

You don’t know?

You have my chart in front of your face and you don’t know? Did you even know that I had a placenta previa at all? Pretty important stuff, no? So, the one nurse that I actually like probably won’t even be around. Instead, someone random will be there, not knowing me, my history or anything about the progression of my pregnancy. At least the doctors care, all of them have shown interest in me and actually go over everything with me each time I visit.

I am definitely hoping for a great in-hospital experience. I know that I will be taken care of, maybe I was just spoiled by having a single doctor and nurse combo that really did care to know me and my individual situation. It will all be over soon, just a couple more weeks to go! How was your birthing experience? The nurses? Doctors? Hospital staff?

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