Battle Strikers Turbo Tops Game – The Action Packed Play Set Kids Love!

My family is a huge fan of game nights. We usually play board games, it gets really competitive around here! Well, we have recently been introduced to Battle Strikers Turbo Tops game that includes the kiddos too.

Battle Strikers Turbo Tops Tournament set game, players battle

Battle Strikers is an amazingly fun and competitive game! You can really get your game on in this spinning top battling system! Rev up your striker through the Turbo launch system, then release and go to battle, knocking your opponents out of the game. Collect and customize your strikers and battle with friends!


The folks over at MEGA Brands sent us the Battle Strikers Turbo Tops Tournament Set to review. It was so much fun to learn how to play this new game! You assemble your strikers and set them up on the game board in their respective holders. The battery powered launchers are like control sticks. The bottom of the launcher attaches magnetically to the top of the turbo striker. You then hold down the button to rev it up, and smack the top of the launcher to release the striker. Be careful, don’t touch them while they are spinning, they are truly going super fast (learned that the hard way). You can control your turbo striker as it is spinning with the launcher or with the magnetic controller, which gives you precise control over your striker. Knock your opponent out of the game and you win!

Battle Strikers Turbo Tops Tournament Set

This is what came with the tournament set: 2 Motorized Turbo launchers, 2 Magnetic Controllers, 2 Exclusive Turbine and Mauler Strikers, and a Battle Arena
MJ really liked playing. Although it took me a little while to explain it to him, he seemed to understand. His favorite part was when you attach the turbo top to the launcher, rev it up and smack the top of it to release into battle.


Reving up our strikers…

Launch! They’re actually spinning super fast! I think I lost this round 🙁

This game is intended for ages 6 and up, but MJ was still having a blast!

BUY IT: Whether you are looking for a great game for the family or a gift, I suggest you check out the Battle Strikers Turbo Tops game. You can get the Tournament Set or the Starter Pack. Also, get some other special strikers so you can have multiple ways to customize yours. Collect them all!


Now there’s a new Battle Strikers Hyper Strike Metal XS Tournament Set!

Battle Strikers Hyper Strike Metal XS Tournament set game

This Battle Strikers Hyper Strike Metal XS Set is a new version of the game that uses metal strikers and creates battles like never before! The next generation of battling tops are here: Battle Strikers Metal XS 5 by Mega Bloks are here! Experience the high-speed action and sound of metal-on-metal clashing at over 6000 revolutions per minute while you control every movement with the magnetic DLX Controller! The newest Metal XS 5 features strikers with a new chrome finish! Choose your team!

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Disclaimer: I received a sample product to test to write this review. All opinions are my own and I received no compensation to post them.


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