A Beautiful Sunset, Live In The Moment…

[A Mission Beach Sunset, October 3, 2014, San Diego, California…]


San Diego Sunset 10-3-14


Just last week, on a gorgeous San Diego evening, I captured this. So grand. So stunning. Nature is truly astounding.


Right place, right time


A sunset marks such a quiet and peaceful transition from day to night, and I got to witness it. Sure, it happens each day, but what are the odds that I would be in the right place, at the perfect time, to enjoy such beauty? I feel like it’s an affirmation that you are always in the right place, at the right time, no matter what the occasion. People you meet, things you experience, and even the bad days, I truly believe that they are supposed to happen. Things come and go in your life, for a reason, or for a season.


San Diego Sunset, Octtober 2014


Live in the moment


Whatever it may be, whoever you may be with, live in the moment. Relish. Feel, hope, dream, and LOVE. Embrace change, fault, and get back up again. The sun sets over the endless ocean, signifying that tomorrow is another day for you to compose the piece you desire. Everything happens for a reason.


Enjoy life.


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