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Behind The Music: Muppets Most Wanted, Interview With Songwriter Bret McKenzie

Muppets Most Wanted Movie

We’re doing a sequel, we’re back by popular demand, c’mon everybody strike up the band!


I hope you’ve gone to see Muppets Most Wanted. If you did, how many of you found yourselves bouncing and swaying to “We’re doing a sequel”, “I’m number one, your number twooooo”, and “Together again, again”? We sure were!


Muppets Most Wanted Movie Cast


When I was in Los Angeles with Disney for the press coverage of Muppets Most Wanted, we interviewed not only director James Bobin, and a tell-all from Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Constantine, but we got to talk with the creative genius behind the catchy, and sometimes admittedly cheesy music, singer and songwriter Bret McKenzie. He was also the one responsible for the musical scores in the last Muppets movie, one of which he won an Oscar for!


Bret McKenzie, Muppets Most Wanted Songwriter


The group asked McKenzie a few questions pertaining to the movie about his creative process and inspiration, what it was like working with the directors, and even what songs he loves most from the movie…


  • When asked about the pressures of making great music for Muppets Most Wanted after winning an Oscar for ‘Man or Muppets‘ from the last Muppets movie, McKenzie says that there was a lot of pressure. There’s always going to be a down hill, so he says he was appreciative of the recognition. After all, he didn’t work on the last Muppets movie to win Oscars, so it was really a bonus.
  • It was really fun working with director James Bobin and writer Nick Stoller, they sent over the script with great ideas, where McKenzie got to add new ones. He says it was strange to have to go into Disney’s studios to play music and song ideas for the director. I’d say it was a great collaborative effort!
  • McKenzie’s creative process and musical inspiration come from doing impressions of each character and watching YouTube videos. When he impersonates someone, he can see how the song would fit with their voice and tone. There was an actual song idea for Miss Piggy, but McKenzie knew that people wouldn’t be able to stand her voice for too long. His idea was to have another singer come in and help, and was happy that Celine Dion agreed.
  • The “Together again, again” song at the end of the film was actually an original Muppets number. It was a classic song that director James Bobin thought would be great to remake, so McKenzie got to work!


Disney Muppets Most Wanted Movie, March 21

I love hearing about the work involved behind the scenes, it’s pretty amazing that one person wrote and arranged all of the songs in the movie. They came out pretty darn good if you ask me, lots of catchy tunes and enough funny to make you chuckle through each number. McKenzie actually sang to us – LIVE – a little bit of Constantine’s “I’ll get you what you want” song to Miss Piggy, it was PERFECT!


I saw the Muppets Most Wanted movie 3 times, there was something new every time I saw it! Make sure you catch Muppets Most Wanted, in theaters now! Your whole family will enjoy it!


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