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Best Interview Ever: Kermit, Constantine and Miss Piggy Tell All

Muppets Most Wanted Movie

If you have been following along with this for the past week, you know that I took a trip to LA with Disney for the premiere of The Muppets Most Wanted Movie. We did so much, there’s tons to cover and share, but one of the coolest things was to be able to interview the actual Muppets!

The real Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Constantine entered the press room, we were so delighted to be interviewing them! Although they had their human puppeteers carrying them in, it felt like they were really standing alone, voices and body movements were just like the movies! Between the hilarious banter, and some bickering, we were able to ask a few questions about the movie, Kermit and Miss Piggy’s love life, and a few that were a bit more personal…


There were a few fun questions for Kermit


Deanna Underwood with Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Muppets Most Wanted


I asked Kermit about Miss Piggy’s special day dream in the movie, where her and Kermit get married and have kids. I wanted to know if there were any plans to make her dream a reality. Kermit responded with, “Well, to the extent…” then Miss Piggy butted in and exclaimed, “Yes!” Before Kermit was cut off, he was trying to say that Miss Piggy could become a mommy blogger! Who would be the best man in the wedding? Kermit says that he thought it might be Gonzo or Fozzie Bear, but after long, hard thought and consideration, it would be Constantine. What?

When asked what has made The Muppets so timeless for the last couple of decades, Kermit says that they just try to stay current, and hope that the viewers see somebody they know, or even themselves in their films.


Constantine’s take on things


Kermit as Constantine from Muppets Most Wanted Movie


We wanted to know if there was any truth to Constantine’s love for Miss Piggy that he professes in the movie. He says that he was doing the best acting of his career pretending to like that pig! Also, he says that being the villain and blowing stuff up was the pleasure of his life. Apparently, he enjoys blowing things up and stealing, and now frels that he stole the movie from Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Also, Constantine claims that he did not have to work out for his fight scenes, it comes natural to him. Can you imagine all of this in Constantine’s accent? Hilarious!


But I wont lie, Miss Piggy was the STAR of the interview!


Miss Piggy, Muppets Most Wanted Movie


Miss Piggy tells us a little about her secrets to looking so flawless after so many years. She claims to have woke up one morning and decided that she’s just not going to eat, she’ll just drink coffee and get her nails done. She had no interest in wasting her life aging. Constantine butted in and said that she has a good plastic surgeon!


Miss Piggy Wears Vivienne Westwood Wedding Gown


It was also noted that Miss Piggy has always been so fashionable. Her wedding gown in the movie was designed by Vivienne Westwood, which Miss Piggy says is her favorite designer. She loves her dresses, and claims that hers was actually made of plastic. Kermit said they joked on set about it smelling like sour milk!

Also, we know that Miss Piggy loves to sing, but I bet you didn’t know that Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball and Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On were actually written for her! She credits herself for giving Celine Dion her big break, and will allow Dion to sing alongside of her in the movie. You have to know that we were cracking up!


Muppets Most Wanted Movie Cast


Interviewing the Muppets was a once in a lifetime experience, they can bounce humor off of each other so easily, such hilarious banter! Kermit says that he enjoyed making the movie and that he thinks it’s really one of their best. I loved the sequel, with our Muppets favorites, catchy tunes, humor for adults and kids alike, Muppets Most Wanted is a must see for the whole family! It’s out in theaters this Friday, March 21.


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