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Big Crazy Family Adventure: Sharing Life, Travel and Adventure with Your Kids


Big Crazy Family Advenutre, Travel Channel, Youngest son Taj celebrates as he arrives at India’s iconic and massive Taj Mahal


Travel, family and living my best life are my greatest passions, so I’ve partnered with the Travel Channel and their new show Big Crazy Family Adventure to follow an incredible family and their journey, across the globe, and share my excitement!



You know, traveling and experiencing life with my family is what I live for. Exploring destinations unknown, discovering new ways of life, delectable cuisine and exhilarating adventure are once in a lifetime experiences that I truly cherish. I remember the first time my kids traveled with me, we went to Florida as a family and it was a whole new experience for us. Everything is new, so eye opening, so much to see, do, and we got to discover it together. I cannot wait to take them abroad!


Travel Channel presents Big Crazy Family Adventure


Trekking the Globe: Big Crazy Family Adventure!


When I watched the latest episode of the Travel Channel’s newest show, Big Crazy Family Adventure, I was inspired. In awe. Are they making a show about my dream trip? Making memories through adventure every step of the way, the Kirkby family is trotting halfway across the globe in the most non-standard way. Picture this and imagine with me:


13,000 miles :: 4 countries :: 96 days :: 15 modes of transport

12 time zones :: 2 kids ::  1 family :: No airplanes


Wait, no airplanes?


These parents, with children ages 7 and 3, are taking a trip, across the globe, with NO AIRPLANES? Are they crazy? Ok, so maybe this is not my dream trip, but they’ve done it, and I can’t believe it! Hailing from Vancouver, British Colombia, Bruce Kirkby, Christine Pitkanen and their two sons Bodi and Taj, travel to a remote region in the Himalaya in the most nontraditional way possible. It’s all documented in the new series, Big Crazy Family Adventure, and I really like what I’ve seen so far!


Big Crazy Family Adventure, Travel Channel, Bodi sits down with local Tibetan Monks in Lhasa to make an offering. They couldn't resist taking a few photos with their new friend!


Family travel gone extreme!


The Kirkby’s have been traveling with their children since they were born, and this was the perfect experience for the family to unplug from all technology, get away, connect with the present and see what’s out there in the world. They are a determined bunch, in this series, they travel on canoes, by ferry, horses, cargo ships, bullet trains, river boats and by foot, and you’ll see them camping out in various places, bargaining in Asian markets in South Korea, meditating with Buddhists in Tibet, trekking the jungle in Nepal, climbing the Great Wall of China, and exploring the Taj Mahal in India.  Pitfalls include missed trains, expiring Visas, tough climates and altitudes, unfamiliar foods, sickness, rugged terrain and toddler melt downs. Just, wow.


“Travel returns each of us to a state of childhood”  – Bruce Kirkby


I am determined to make sure that my kids see the world, in all it’s glory, and in all of it’s differences and sorrows. Travel is a great way to teach patience, appreciation, understanding and compassion for humans and for our environment, worldwide. However, you WILL see us on an airplane!


Big Crazy Family Adventure, Travel Channel, Christine hikes with sons Taj and Bodi, who excitedly skip along a ridge pass while trekking the Zanskar Valley in Ladakh, India


Before you go out and hop on the next cargo ship out to Bucharest, catch Big Crazy Family Adventure, along with all of their trials and triumphs, on the Travel Channel. It’s debuting this Sunday June 21, 2015 at 9pm, I can’t wait until you all can see the family element in the show. When you experience something significant with someone, it enhances the bond between you. That, I adore.


Show your kids the world, and they’ll keep those memories that last a life time.


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*all images courtesy of Travel Channel.



  • We travel 5 months of the year and sometimes I feel like this family (although we’re far from it in reality). Do you know if the show is available online as we don’t have cable. Looking forward to connecting with you and your story.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

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