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Boys and Their Construction Toys

Because Quackie Duck needed a throne

What is it with boys and wanting to build? Why do they have to have every single Lego, block, brick, and building set ever made?

This kid loves to build. LOVES IT. He has this set of large cardboard blocks (Melissa and Doug?) and has a few of the stuffed Angry Birds and builds different scenes from the app. He also has the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks set and loves to build it up and race his cars. He tweaks it to set it up wrong on purpose, it’s no fun until the cars crash or fly half way across the room!

If it isn’t enough that MJ already has all of the Mega Bloks, train sets, Legos, K’nex and Kre-O sets, now he wants a specific Lego Star Wars construction set. Uh.

The item in question...

Should I give in? Honestly, he’ll probably get the Lego Construction set. If it’s not from me and daddy, chances are he will tell the grandparents, aunts and uncles. Someone’s gonna cave! I totally love the fact that he’s hands-on, being creative and using his imagination when building different types of structures, but does he really need EVERY one? I mean, can’t we make something just as cool with popsicle sticks?

We are running out of room for all of these sets. I’m gonna have to start a trade-off deal: You want one of the new sets, you gotta get rid of an old one. Suck it up, buddy!

Oh, and all those times that I come downstairs in the middle of the night and experience cringe-worthy pain from stepping on a single Lego, barefoot? Yea, there goes another set!

Do your little boys adore construction sets?


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