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Bright Starts Up, Up and Away Sway & Swing Seat: This Momma’s Savior

By contributing writer Mariel Concepcion

This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Kids II. I received this awesome swing to review and share with you all, my opinions are truthfully stated. Check out what I thought about this swing….


When I first announced to my friends and family that I was expecting earlier this year, one of the many tips my fellow mommy friends gave me was: “you could never have too many baby swing/seats around the house.” “If the baby really likes it, he will sit in there and play for hours, even sleep in it,” said one girlfriend who had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. “Girl, those things are lifesavers.”

I found out soon enough that my gal pals were right: in his short three-month life, my son has spent some crucial time in his chair – while I cook, during his naps and even in the bathroom for those now infamous two-minute showers that have become an integral part of my daily routine as a mother. When Deanna asked me if I wanted to review the Bright Stars Plug-In Sway & Swing Seat, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to provide my son with another option.

Bright Starts Up Up and Away Infant Swing Review

At first glance I thought to myself, this chair seems bulky and a bit antiquated in appearance in comparison to the space-saver one I already own. But after putting the easy to assemble chair together, I soon realized why.

The Sway & Swing Seat has two options for my son’s seating preference: an upright position for when he’s enjoying the ride and a laid-back one for when he’s indulging in some rest time. It also comes equipped with two types of ear candy: lullabies and nature sounds, which can be adjusted with a volume button. There is also a multi-speed sway/swing button and a timer that allows moms to set the swinging and/or swaying for 30, 45 or 60 minutes at a time.

Bright Starts Up Up and Away Infant Swing

The best part, though, is the fact that the chair can be turned 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right so baby can face most positions without parents having to move the entire system (this capability is also what allows the chair to swing as well as sway). I feel comfortable with this swing,  it includes safety features for baby like a five-point harness and sturdy legs equipped with non-slip feet. Additionally, there are two fun toys, a zebra and a turtle, that hang from the top to further entertain its tiny passenger.

Needless to say, although a little bigger than some of these new chairs, the Bright Stars Plug-In Sway & Swing Seat offers numerous possibilities in all of its ponderous glory, hence its size, making this device a must-have for moms with active infants like myself. Good things come in small packages, but greater things come in large ones!

Baby in Bright Starts Up Up Away Swing

The Bright Starts Up, Up and Away Sway and Swing is perfect for infants from birth up to 25 pounds. It’s available for purchase at and on, such a great product for mothers with newborns! Follow along with Bright Starts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for updates.

This review was written by contributing author Mariel Concepcion, a California transplant, born and bred in New York. As an entertainment journalist, she has covered some of the biggest events and is published in multiple highly respected outlets. Mariel is adapting to her new life as a mom and wife in the Cali sunshine.


  • The swing is cute and my daughter likes it sometimes, however, this thing leans! It wasn’t a big deal when she was a few weeks old when we got it, but the seat leans more to the left with every ounce she gains. We will likely get a different swing for our second child in the future because of this. I think we may have to stop putting her in it long before she hits the 25 lb limit. This is a design flaw that needs to be addressed.

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