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Hilarious Family Competition This Christmas: Go See Daddy’s Home Movie December 25th!


Will Ferrell. Mark Wahlberg. Need I say more? This is a promoted post to share a wonderful family holiday comedy coming out in theaters on Christmas day, “Daddy’s Home!


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Do you have any Christmas day traditions, aside from opening gifts? We have been going to the movies on Christmas day for the past few years to catch the latest and greatest film out for the season, and this year, Daddy’s Home is the best family friendly comedy out for the holidays!


It’s DAD vs. STEP DAD this Christmas, Will Ferrell’s character strives to be the best possible step dad to his wife’s two children this Christmas, but their real father, Mark Wahlberg’s character, is a carefree, freeloading guy who’s recently arrived in town. These two go back and forth trying to outdo each other to win the affection of the kids.


Watch the Daddy’s Home trailer below, this movie looks really funny!



Trying to compete with someone else for your children’s affection must be tough to do! Like, seriously battling and going at it? My ex has a girlfriend, and I will admit, my kids like her. I mean, she’s nice to them, buys them stuff, and she’s young and fun – pretty much everything kids like, am I right? Truth be told, I would never try to compete with her, or outdo her in any way, we’re different people, and the kids totally need to understand that. Plus, nobody can replace MAMA!


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I really like that they’re putting blended families on the big screen in a humourous way, there are so many kids who always see the mom, dad, 2 kids, 2 dogs and a white picket fence families as “normal” in mainstream media. In reality, the majority of families that I know are much different. It represents a living situation that lots of families experience these days, and says, “hey, your family is ok too!


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Daddy’s Home: In Theaters Christmas Day, December 25th!


You have got to go see Daddy’s Home, in theaters on Christmas day! We are definitely going, the movie is rated PG so it’s ok to bring the whole family. Love, laughter and family, what better way to spend Christmas day?


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  • This was more yucky than funny ate the time, when my cat jumped up on our holiday dinner table and proceeded to throw up as we were eating.

  • making a ham to take for dinner with my family and left it out within reach of the dogs..well there was no ham for dinner because of that

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