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CINDERELLA Is Back: Disney Releases First Movie Trailer



Remember when I told you all that Disney’s CINDERELLA is coming to theaters in live action? 


There are so many little things that I remember form my childhood that shape who I am today, and I believe CINDERELLA is one of the movies that I absolutely loved! Disney is releasing a new, fresh version of this classic film, this time, using real people instead of animation. The’ye bringing the story of CINDERELLA to life!


Disney's CINDERELLA Movie Poster 2015


My daughter loves Disney’s princesses, so I know she’ll love CINDERELLA. I grew up thinking that I could find my prince charming, and I still believe that it’s true! Even though lots of the movie is simply an enchanting fairy tale, it’s so fun to imagine.


Watch the CINDERELLA movie trailer below, the movie comes out in theaters March 13, 2015!



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