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Creating A Balanced Breakfast for Your Family: Kellogg’s My Bowl™

Kelloggs My Bowl, balanced nutritionThere are lots of misconceptions about cereal and making it a part of a balanced breakfast. Some people think breakfast cereals are “too much” for the diet and others think they are “enough” to meet their nutrition needs.


There are a lot of people who do not fully understand the nutrition facts on a label, so Kellogg’s has taken the initiative to help educate the masses on how to meet dietary guidelines for a healthy morning start. You’ll have to check out the interactive tool, Kellogg’s My Bowl™, where you can customize your breakfast to be both healthful, balanced and delicious, right on your computer screen!


Kelloggs My Bowl on a Mac

Kellogg’s My Bowl™

Kellogg’s created MyBowl to complement the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate. The tool is designed to show how easy it is to meet dietary guidelines with cereal and other meals served in a bowl. MyBowl uses colored bands to illustrate how cold cereal can deliver servings from grain, dairy and fruit groups, and is a great way to educate your family about the benefits of a balanced breakfast.


At the Kellogg’s My Bowl™ interactive site, you can learn about the initiative, which complements USDA’s MyPlate, portion control, and even build your own bowl! Sometimes, a visual is needed to understand how you can get the most nutrition out of your meal. Here’s the bowl I created with My Bowl™, choosing my favorite cereal for grains, fruit and dairy choice.


My Bowl, Kelloggs cereal, grains, fruit, dairy


No, you probably should not eat 3 huge bowls of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes in one sitting. No, eating 7 Rice Krispies Treats will not fulfill your dietary needs for the day. Discover Kellogg’s My Bowl™ and find out what foods will work with your routine in the morning, getting all of the nutrients you need to start your day!


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Disclosure: Myself and other bloggers are partnering with Kellogg’s for the Champions of Great Starts program for 2013. Although compensated, all opinions expressed are my own.



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