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5 Daily Healthy Habits To Help You Manage Stress – These Really Work!

With so many needs to be met, finding a balance is key. I added a few daily healthy habits of my own that helped me¬†refresh and restore my¬†health and effectively manage stress, sponsored by Colgate. Here’s my stress free white smile, I had to share #MyColgateSelfie!

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Ahhhh aging. Isn’t it grand?! As the years pass, the amount of stress heightens and it gets tougher to find the energy to balance all that life brings us. Juggling my¬†family, our varying schedules and travels along with my career, household and partially non-existent social life gets TOUGH. I firmly believe that our daily lifestyle plays a huge part in determining how we look and feel, the stress adds up and I was intent on making changes in my daily routine.

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Look, I came out of a rough period where I realized that almost everything was stressing me out. Taking the time to take care of ME was necessary, so I developed new habits that include time for self care, cleansing of the mind, and total body care. Here are 5 daily healthy habits that I added to my routine to combat feelings of being overwhelmed and manage stress – THAT ACTUALLY WORK!

5 daily healthy habits to add to your routine Рthese really work!

1. Sweat¬†– I know, I know, everyone says to exercise and you probably don’t really want to. But trust me -sweating¬†feels good, it really does. When I am finished with a run, I feel energized, free, and somewhat euphoric. Not a runner? Start walking. Walk every day. Try yoga. Pilates. Go for a hike. If you can carve out 15 – 20 minutes a day to sweat, you’ll reap the benefits and watch the stress melt away.

2. Watch your sugar intake РI have a giant sweet tooth, self professed. I am usually pretty good about getting fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins into my daily diet, but I am a huge sucker for dessert! It took a lot for me to cut back, but I did, and I am darn proud. I feel better, more awake, more alive, and I can see a difference in the way I feel when I do eat a sweet treat.

3. Look at things in the positive, remove what’s negative¬†– I’ve actively tried to switch negative situations into positive ones. Even small things, such as running out of gas or spilling coffee can be looked at differently. Why spend so much time and energy on being upset? I also removed people from my life who were dead weight – you can do the same!

4. Enjoy a self care activity – As much as we would all love to get a Swedish massage or a pedicure every day, it’s just not possible. Go for smaller things that you really enjoy – reading before bed, laugh at your favorite comedy, day dream, stretch, have sex, write, meditate, call a friend, pray – you know what you love.

5.¬†Oral care is important, too – The last thing you want to worry about is your health, and that includes oral care! Good health starts from the inside out, and Colgate Total¬ģ Daily Repair Regimen keeps me on top of my oral care needs.¬†Dealing with cavities, pain, and extra dental visits is no fun, costs a ton, and definitely does not help with the bigger picture of leading a stress free life.

Colgate Total Daily Repair toothpaste and mouthwash #mycolgateselfie

The Colgate Total¬ģ Daily Repair regimen includes a variety of products that help with overall oral health. I have been using Colgate Total¬ģ Daily Repair Toothpaste and Colgate Total¬ģ Daily Repair Mouthwash together each morning and evening. The toothpaste is formulates to repair early teeth and gum damage, and whiten teeth, while the mouthwash works with the toothpaste to help ¬†to help kill bad breath germs. Print $0.75 off coupons¬†for Colgate Total Repair toothpaste and mouthwash.

National Women’s Health week is May 8-14, 2016, and I am encouraging you to try something new. Start by changing your days and¬†add simple daily healthy habits to your routine. With a sounds mind, a healthy body and a clear head, you’ll feel the difference inside¬†and out, and you’ll see so much more of your potential – it changed my life!

Here’s to a healthier you: what will you add to your daily routine?

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