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Dating My Spouse: Kayaking Adventure in Coronado, CA

Coronado Bay Kayak Tour


Recently, my husband and I got the chance to take a kayaking tour in Coronado, courtesy of the Details Matter App. See, we have not been able to take very many date nights, alone, child free, in a while. As a part of the #30datesin30days, we pleaded with the folks over at Details Matter and La Jolla Mom as to why we needed a date, badly, and they reached out and sent us on a fun and adventurous date that we will not forget!

I have been coming to Coronado Island all of my life, but never learned the history, been into the bay or under the iconic bridge. Here’s what I wrote for the Details Matter Blog about our awesome San Diego date:


Put on life vests inside Coronado Bike and Kayak Tours


With our careers, kids, and other family activities and obstacles, it is not often enough that my husband and I get a “date night”. Sure, we do lots of stuff together, but the kids and extended family always seem to be involved. It’s about time that we start to spend quality alone time, together, and we were able to do so thanks to the Details Matter App!
I saw a great opportunity to participate in the #30datesin30days challenge, where San Diego couples got a chance to experience great date options throughout the city. Knowing that my husband and I needed this, I jumped at the chance. We were chosen to go kayaking in the Coronado Bay with Bike and Kayak Tours, we had a blast!


red kayaks at Coronado Bay

The kayak tour was both calming and exciting. The skies were blue, the weather was perfect, and we got a glimpse of the sunset just before we turned in. We got a chance to go somewhere, together, with nobody else, and work as a team to propel our kayak together. Our tour guide was great, we enjoyed learning about the Coronado Bay history, the city and floating in the calm of the bay waters. There is something majestic about the ocean, I could stare at it all day. Kayaking under the Coronado Bridge was pretty neat, it is an amazing structure that I have driven across all of my life, but never knew the story behind, or under it. This was just the soothing date that we needed to escape from the day to day.
I would recommend this tour to anyone, but I especially recommend getting in a date night with your spouse, no matter where you go! It is so refreshing, so rejuvenating, and great to connect and spend time with one another with minimal distractions. Get out there, explore your city, and enjoy your time together. Thank you so much Details Matter for sending us to Coronado for an amazing afternoon!


All of life’s distractions on a day to day, it’s important to make time for your significant other. I love the Details Matter App, giving great, out of the ordinary date ideas for couples in San Diego, and soon in other cities. It encourages the sharing of date ideas and eliminates the “what should we do?” question that couples often have. The tour with Coronado Kayak Center, Bike and Kayak tours was such a great idea! Download the Details Matter App here, embark on an adventure.


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  • Wow, I bet that was so fun. My hubby would like this and I think it is good to be able to do non traditional things together to build your relationship.

  • Kayaking is something I want to do, it looks like so much fun! It must have been lovely going around Coronado Bay! You can do this in Los Angeles now also, on the LA river but you have to bring your own kayak. Go figure.

  • Wow, looks like so much fun!! It’s been forever since my husband and I went kayaking, and we have never done in Colorado! My sister lives in Colorado, so maybe the next time we visit her (we’re from Wisconsin). 🙂

  • What a great way to rejuvenate the marriage and gout on dates that you wouldn’t normally think to do. Love the challenge of 30 in 30..hope some are simple, because I don’t know how any couple can go out that many times with children. Will definitely check it out.

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