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Approaching the Terrible Two’s

Mari, on a good day. With cookies all over the place.

Heaven help us. Were on the cusp of the terrible two’s.

The hideous tantrums have begun. The screams when we say ‘no’, the fussing when it’s time to go to bed, and the picky eating habits are just the beginning. Mari, who was our Baby Girl, is growing up, which means that we’re gonna have to pass through this phase at one time or another. She’ll be two in February. Recently, the words NO and MINE have come in to play, much too often. Stomping and laying flat out on the floor often follow. Where does she get this from?

So just how do you deal with toddler tantrums? Here’s what we have been doing:

  • Don’t give in, stand firm – No matter how much crying you have to endure, do NOT give in. It will happen again and again. Be sure your toddler knows who’s boss.
  • Stay calm, don’t let it get to you – because if you yell and huff and puff, they may think it’s the correct way to react. Lead by example.
  • Redirect and let them have control of something else – if there’s something they want that you don’t want them to have, give them control of something else.
  • Make them wait, share, take turns – No matter how much they resist. Toddlers need to learn that it’s not always going to be about them. Show your toddler how everyone in the family is important.
  • Exercise a little discipline – Throwing food or sippy cups on the floor? Don’t give it back. Laying out on the floor throwing a fit? Walk away.
  • Establish and LEAD a routine – So that they know what’s coming next, and who’s boss. Here’s our night time routine: dinner, bath time, book time, bed time.

All in all, Mari is starting to respond. The cries are a bit shorter. When we tell her to ‘wait’ for something, she understands. Bed time has become much easier. I am just hoping that this early case of the “terrible twos” means that she’ll be over it early too!


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  • I know it seems like your going to lose it,but I know it will get better! Sometimes when my son would test me,I can remember just looking at that face,would make me want to give in! Just Hang in their!

  • I was blessed with 4 boys and 1 girl, who is spoiled rotten, and they are the pickyest kids in the world. An entire Mac n Cheese and Raman Noodle diet! They love these and expect them to be on the kitchen table everyday after school when they get home. Thanks!

  • My youngest just hit 2 last week and it hasn’t been as bad as my other’s. She was already something else, so I figured this stage can’t be too bad. lol

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